Your New Year’s Resolution Horoscope for 2024

At the stroke of midnight on January 1, 2024 the waning Moon in Virgo and the Sun in Capricorn are in a cooperative aspect albeit both in reserved earths signs. Earth signs operate with discretion and at times stubbornness. Waning at this particular degree in the Moon’s cycle begins a diffusion process where insights gathered and experience gained from the events of the previous year will begin to drop their fruits. Virgo, a mutable earth sign and Capricorn, a cardinal earth sign, are both reliably restless but focused and determined to see through the fog of historical traditions and its intricacies. Humbled and quieted we will seek to sift through the stories that are being told whole cloth, patching our fragments of truth together.

What’s to Come

Circumstances under mutable and cardinal signs of the zodiac involve a lot of trial and era and will surely come with further revisions. Nothing set in stone, the Moon and Sun ask us in 2024 to use our utmost adaptability while listening deeply to each other at home, on the job and in the world. Virgo and Capricorn need receipts, holding everyone accountable to be trustworthy seekers of care and stability for all. Check in on your family, friends and neighbors. Impartial, make sure everyone’s basic needs are being met on a very local and practical scope. The Moon in Virgo rules over the gut in our body.

We live so much in our heads and phones we have lost touch with our knowledge gained by the world right before our eyes. With a fondness for change this New Year’s Moon invites us to be guided by and trust our gut feelings, the “lower brain”, now more than ever. It is the small and familiar gestures of care that are going to make a greater impact in due time.

Behind the Process

Like the insight drawn from a horoscope, a New Year’s resolution is never the final answer.  It is an ongoing and interactive process. Horoscopes can be calculated from any point in time. For these horoscopes, I casted an astrological chart for the moment the clock strikes midnight on January 1, 2024. As the planets and other orbiting bodies are in eternal motion there is always something new to be said about the quality of a certain time. Each sign of the zodiac has a planetary guide who stewards the astrological life story of any given person, event, place or thing. Here I looked at each of those guides and their relationships to other planets in the sky to infer what story they are initiating for each zodiac sign at the precise time of the New Year.


The new year begins with Mars, your planetary guide transiting the fire sign Sagittarius. By Mars’ side is the celestial messenger Mercury who ends its retrograde just hours after the New Year, in your ninth house of beliefs and wisdom. This year promise to be aware of occasions you mistake using sarcasm as a means to express your personal truths. Very soon Mars, having ingress Capricorn where it is exceptionally strong, will reappear above the pre-dawn horizon. Develop in 2024 stealth patience within the roles you play in your career or where your talents shine effortlessly. You’re born equipped with quick witted nerves of steel but this year decelerate enough to decipher the mountains worth climbing.

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Guided by amiable Venus in the early degrees of openhearted Sagittarius in your eighth house of the effects of coupling, 2024 invites you to appreciate the great blessings of being in a relationship. Vow to learn abundantly as much from your loved ones as your known enemies. Surrender and cultivate trust, sacrificing as much as you receive. As Venus applies to an apprehensive aspect with Saturn in Pisces in your eleventh house of friendships, find the grace this year to make amends peacefully when friendships feel drained of their vitality. Like it or not Jupiter who cares for those friendships is solidly planted in Taurus in your first house, a beneficent elephant in the room.

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Late on New Year’s day, Mercury, your planetary guide, stations direct in Sagittarius in your seventh house of partnerships and contractual agreements. Stationing planets etch a potent message in that portion of the zodiac. This year places emphasis on discussions not had in relationships that leave those commitments to suffer unnecessarily. As Mercury’s retrograde cycle transitions from stubborn earth signs into revealing fire signs make it a point to notice when you avoid approaching complicated conversations. Address directly any limiting effects of your relationships affecting alls best interests. Define clearly what virtues must be baked into any relationship. Prioritize sovereign practices leaving either person without the shorter end of the stick. If necessary, always fight nicely.

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The year begins with your planetary guide, the waning Moon in Virgo, in your third house of domestic rituals. This is an auspicious year to simplify trivial routines and instead engage with routines that are “good on gas.” Notice what activities leave you spinning your wheels intellectually. In mutable earth sign Virgo, focus on the depleting effects of a cluttered mind and living space; including our areas subsumed by screens and virtual environments. The Moon is in a hidden relationship with Jupiter and Saturn, a combination of growth and inhibition. Discern where modesty has tarnished your ability to shine. Finally, remind yourself that nothing is too precious and life comes with clever slips and spills.

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The Sun in resolute Capricorn and the waning Moon in mindful Virgo are in a configuration that suggests an unraveling of expectations. This is a year to acknowledge unsettling habits that have grown alongside your ambitions. Also in 2024, take stock of where holes have formed in the hull of your ship. Ask yourself what inoperative fears you hold stem from a possibility of lack; paving over softer and sustainable pathways with hard surmounting debts of your time and efforts. Where does drive become a strain on your creativity? Remember that ambition can become a hunger that costs more and more to feed. Consider ambition a source of great exploration rather than a fixed outcome. Commit this year to the quality of versus quantity of life.

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The year begins with Mercury stationing direct in Sagittarius in your fourth house of family, close to Mars. Develop a diplomatic resolve in preparation for complications around shared property. April 1, Mercury in Aries will retrograde in your eighth house where you’ll decipher who in your life shows up undeniably and whose become a bleed on your spirit. August 5th, Mercury in Virgo will retrograde back into Leo in your twelfth house of undue suffering. Notice instances where self denial of your paradoxical nature becomes a facet of limited personal growth. Finally, November 25 Mercury in Sagittarius will retrograde in your fourth house of home when you’ll want to review what benefits of your career displace the comfort of home sweet home.

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On January 1, Venus, your planetary guide, is in Sagittarius in your third house of daily rituals. 2024 is an opportunity to address small habits that lead to lasting change incrementally over time with loving repetition. Venus at this time is applying to an amiable configuration with disciplined Saturn in Pisces in your sixth house of burden, ensuring consistency, yet comes with the turbulence of shifting your own tidal currents. Profound this year is restoring balance to fluctuating financial practices where the seemingly petty cost of the day to day adds up over time. Establish unhurried, low maintenance approaches to daily tasks at a pace where the superfluous does not go unnoticed.

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As Mars, your planetary guide is in Sagittarius in your second house of accommodation, this year you’ll likely be juggling a host of social commitments. Without sounding rude, 2024 would be a good time to consider the value of peripheral relationships. Ask yourself, where do your tendencies to socialize feel like a senseless obligation versus the organic growth of soul-fed networks? Mars here can draw arduous circumstances to oneself not knowing the right amount of pressure to apply to the pedal. But relationships founded on wants versus needs can evolve into liabilities if left unchecked. Focus on building alliances this year that rely on shared beliefs while gently weeding out those that primarily tap your roots.

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Following its recent retrograde, full-of-blessings Jupiter is now moving forward in vernal Taurus in your sixth house of toil. Venus in your first house of self and Jupiter are in a mutually generous configuration heralding a year where distinguishing opportunities sown in every obstacle will be profound. Dreams, hopes and wishes are granted this year when you no longer stand in your own way. The challenge at hand is to choose wisely. Held within a cornucopia of ripe opportunities spills also seductively sweet but flaccid possibilities. This is the fruit of inner work completed the past year or so and its rewards are not merited candidly. Pick wisely, as one rotten fruit spoils the basket.

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On January 1, the Moon, in particular Virgo, in your ninth house of dreams and philosophy is separating from a tense aspect with your planetary guide Saturn in Pisces in your third house of intentions and the familiar. This year is about facing feelings of ambivalence in love and creative pursuits. It is a condition of neither a cup half full or empty. Ambivalence can be a necessary state of being, vitalizing lasting interests. But left forsaken, ambivalence can evoke self denial. Waning at this time the Moon reveals cracks in your enthusiasm that only time well spent in experimentation can mend. Exchange any golden handcuff situation for wiggle room and undaunted playtime.

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The Moon, Sun and Jupiter are in a sympathetic Earth sign configuration as the clock strikes midnight on January 1st. In three nearly equal distance placements they unite the melancholic topics of expiration, withdrawal and the visceral. As a fixed air sign your thoughts and ideologies can at times feel as if they run on autopilot, out there somewhere, apart from reality. Melancholy refers to things of the Earth which will be a source of power for you this year. Take intellectual cues from the gravity and memory held by the experiences of your own body. Develop patience and perseverance through the observations of unrefined processes. Sense an unnamable satisfaction in the deceivingly obvious wonders of the natural world.

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The new year begins with your planetary guide Jupiter in Taurus in your third house of idiosyncrasies in a hidden configuration with the Moon and Saturn. Together the Moon and Saturn in your chart ask what limitations exist affecting the enjoyment of your creative processes, or any process for that matter. As a mutable water sign your emotions and life force evaporate into thin air when resistance comes in the form of vapid monotony and the grind. Your intention for this new year is to allow levity and a balanced sense of grace to enliven the work you are doing. Remember throughout 2024 that more is always more and even the small invitations for more will feel like much more indeed.

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Story and Imagery by Shane Powers, Enon Valley Astrology

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