A Working Kitchen

Interior designer Colleen Simonds brings to life a center for food, family, and fun.

A DIY Kentucky Derby Party

The flamboyant hats, the red-carpet-worthy ensembles, the signature mint juleps, the quest for the Triple Crown, and the rose drapes combine to create an iconic event, a celebration of Southern culture, and incidentally, the longest-running sporting event in US history.

Color Trend: Purple Passion

A sign of romance, opulence and eccentricity, purple is a wonderful post-pandemic color. Every shade seems to encourage us to fall in love, enjoy...

Color Trend: Calm, Cool and Collected

The cool branch of the neutral color family is having a wave of popularity, with reassuring whites, artisanal metals, and concrete finishes.

Color Trend: Mellow Yellow

Western PA's 59 days of sunshine leave many of us needing additional does of brightness to bring us alive.

Color Trend: Noble Neutrals

Khaki and its unpretentious, breezy message of sporty comfort is making a comeback. Tones in tan and olive are showing up to play, too.