The Pillow Project Brings Innovative Movement to Pittsburgh

Beth Corning, artistic director, choreographer, and dancer of Corningworks, shares with TABLE readers a dance company to watch.

The Pillow Project

The Space Upstairs, 214 N Lexington St

Like everything, especially in art, one’s “likes” are often according to one’s aesthetics … especially attending a live performance. For me, it’s work that touches me viscerally, a work you feel in your guts: there might not be a rational explanation, but there’s something touching you deeply. I’m also drawn to work that’s provocative, that makes me think—that transcends the dazzle of the dancers’ technical strength and abilities, transcends pure entertainment, a work that touches a nerve.

The Pillow Project is one such company whose work interests me on all those levels. The director, Pearlann Porter, has created a true sense of an ensemble of movement artists whose deep commitment to the work they are creating is visceral and allows me to lose myself in the work. A gift.

Story Beth Corning

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