Your Full Moon in Taurus Horoscope: April 2024

As we enter this full Moon, Jupiter has just past its slow conjunction with Uranus, signaling a new 14-year cycle where realignments can turn into complete overhauls. With the conjunction of the Full Moon perfecting in Taurus, the emphasis is on slow and intentional work, particularly in how we pursue growth and innovation. We’re all exploring what it means to move along deeper currents. This conjunct argues it would be better to sit still and do nothing, than rush.

A New Alignment

Mercury goes direct on April 25, easing communication mishaps and bringing clearer thinking. It’s a good time for decisions to be made with a clearer head, as the fog of Mercury’s retrograde passage lifts. This is especially good news for Gemini, Virgo, and Aries.

The red planet Mars aligns with nebulous Neptune on April 29. This alignment encourages acting on intuition, not waiting for the fog to lift to move. However, a note of caution: while following our instincts can lead us in the right direction, it’s important not to become too attached to specific outcomes. Just as a fog descending on a glen may obscure our view of what lies ahead, even if we know our path, we may be surprised by what awaits us at the journey’s end.

For some, this Mars-Neptune conjunction will imbue their dreams with great strength and vividness, perhaps at the expense of physical energy and motivation. If you find yourself feeling more tired than usual or struggling to muster your normal get-up-and-go, don’t be alarmed. This is a temporary influence that will pass as the planets move on. Allow yourself to rest and recharge when needed, and trust that your energy will return.

A Conjunction of Sun and Uranus

On May 13, the Sun and Uranus come together in our skies. This alignment is known for bringing unexpected developments and surprises: flexibility and adaptability are the salve. While these surprises may catch us off guard, they’re more likely to serve as gentle nudges rather than forceful pushes, encouraging us to consider new perspectives and possibilities. This conjunction is especially sensitive for those born under the signs of Taurus and Scorpio.

This Sun-Uranus conjunction may have a particularly strong impact on those in positions of leadership around the world. Heads of state, CEOs, and other influential figures could face surprising challenges or opportunities that require them to think on their feet and make quick, intuitive decisions.

The focus shifts significantly on May 18, when Venus joins Uranus and the Sun aligns with Jupiter. This is a potent time for relationships, personal growth, and a healing of some of the unpleasant things that April’s astrology likely dredged up. As ever, the key is to stay grounded and safeguard against overextension.

The End of the Cycle

We wrap up this period on May 23 with Venus and Jupiter’s conjunction, marking an excellent time for social connections and enhancing our personal and financial well-being. It’s a moment to enjoy the simpler pleasures and perhaps benefit from a stroke of good luck.

From now until the next Full Moon on May 23, the theme is one of balanced change – recognizing opportunities for growth while staying adaptable and practical. The cosmos don’t demand leaps into the unknown but rather thoughtful steps toward evolution.



Recent challenges to your self-expression and vitality are beginning to ease, offering a renewed sense of confidence as you move forward. Be mindful of the tension between your desire for solitude and your drive for action, as finding a balance will be key. Mercury’s direct motion in your sign brings clarity to communication and thought processes. As Venus brings her blessings into your second house, opportunities for financial gain will present themselves, but so too will the temptation to spend frivolously: discernment is key. The end of the month brings a surge of energy and assertiveness when Mars, your ruling planet, enters Aries. You should try to make the most of this heightened sense of motivation and initiative, but be sure not to overextend yourself. Trust your instincts and let your natural leadership shine through while remaining open to the insights and support of trusted allies.


As the Sun illuminates your sign, you’re radiating with verve and self-assurance. This is a favorable time for personal growth and focusing on your unique talents and desires and launching new health routines. Challenges related to power dynamics or external pressures are starting to subside, allowing you to approach situations with a clearer perspective. Jupiter’s continued presence in your sign makes whatever you touch right now a little bigger and a little more special, particularly in areas where you’ve recently taken calculated risks or embraced innovation. As Venus, your ruling planet, joins the Sun in Taurus later this month, your natural charm will begin to reverse unhappy tides. It’s an unusually good time to be a Taurus: go ahead and indulge in sensory pleasures and surround yourself with the people and things you find beautiful.


The Sun will enter your sign in just a few weeks, and you can probably already feel that building sense of anticipation and renewing vitality. Consider this pre-birthday period a time for self-reflection and setting intentions for the coming 12 months. Recent challenges or power struggles in relationships are starting to ease, allowing for more open and honest communication. Mercury’s station direct in your 11th house sets things right amongst friends, and may renew hope in a long-term goal of yours. Prioritize conversations that stimulate and collaborations that align with your aspirations. Stay open to unexpected insights or opportunities that arise through your network. As Mars moves into your 11th house at the end of the month, you may find increased motivation to act – take the universe up on the promise of this rousing transit for eventual good luck.


The Scorpio Moon heightens emotional intensity and intuition for all signs, but especially so for those born under the Moon’s sign of Cancer. It’s up to you to make the most of this powerful energy: what inner realities want your attention? Recent tensions or challenges in your work or public life are beginning to dissipate, allowing you to approach your goals with renewed clarity and determination. Lean on the support of mentors or people you respect who can offer guidance and wisdom. As Mars and Neptune connect in your 9th house, you may feel inspired to explore something new – another country, another language, another culture. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in your 11th house suggests now’s the time to lean into the spontaneous – unexpected opportunities want to find you, and they’re coming through your interpersonal connections. Be findable! Be outside!


The Scorpio Moon illuminates your 4th house of home and family, encouraging you to focus on your emotional foundations and inner world. This is a time for self-nurturing and connecting with your roots. Recent challenges or power struggles in your personal life are for the moment behind you, allowing for more honest and open communication with loved ones. As Mercury stations direct in your 9th house, you may find old forsaken plans related to travel, education, or spiritual pursuits are back on the table. Mars moving into your 9th house sparks a thirst for adventure, learning, and expanding your horizons. Provided you don’t rush over important details that ought to be handled intentionally and with careful thought, this transit promises a great deal of excitement and a boost of fresh energy.


As Mercury, your ruling planet, stations direct in your 8th house, you should find a renewed sense of calm related to things that were recently made you anxious. You’re not out of the woods yet, but you’ve got a great sense of where you’re headed. The Scorpio Moon in your 3rd house heightens your emotional intelligence and intuition, making this a powerful time for sending messages out into the world, and meditating on the ones coming in. If the last few weeks have been tough with a romantic partner, take heart: the more antagonizing elements of that trouble are now leaving. The Mars-Neptune conjunction in your 7th house might encourage in you a deeper appreciation for the nonphysical aspects of your partnerships and renewed warmth between you and your sweetheart.


The Scorpio Moon falls in your 2nd house and brings the spotlight to your material assets. This wouldn’t be the best time to invest in new ventures, but it would serve as an ideal time to weigh up the performance of your financial portfolio. As Mercury stations direct in your house of relationships, any confusion recently felt there should get right-sided. Mars shifting into your 7th house energizes partnerships and one-on-one interactions, so the timing couldn’t be better. The influence of Mars can be a tricky one to work with. Some advice: be mindful of the temptation to project your frustrations onto others, and to internalize that you are the cause of frustration in others. Seek compromise and cooperation – and, dear Libra, you were born for that – but watch that you don’t make too many unnecessary concessions.


With the full Moon in your sign, you’ll be asked to weigh in on a bit more than usual this month. As Mars transits from your 5th to 6th house, shift your passionate energy from creativity to daily routines and self-improvement. This Mars shift happens just as Venus enters your 7th house, enhancing magnetism and providing opportunities for deepening bonds or attracting new love. Show your affection and gratitude to your loved ones, as your gestures of love and kindness will be especially well-received. If single, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and let your charm shine. Recent tensions in awkward family dynamics may have surfaced with the Sun-Pluto square. While that’s not likely to resolve overnight, give it time – some things, picked up too soon, feel big even when they’re quite manageable.


The Scorpio Moon illuminates your 12th house of solitude and the unconscious, encouraging you to focus on your inner world. This is a time for self-reflection and letting the subconscious mind solve your problems. Jupiter, your ruler, separating from its conjunction with Uranus in your 6th house, suggests that you may have recently experienced unexpected changes or breakthroughs in your work or health routines. Integrate these insights as you move forward. On May 20, at the start of Gemini season, the Sun will enter your 7th house of relationships. My advice? Be social, make friends, go on dates (with your loved one if taken, with prospects if single!), and let your curiosity be your guide. Career has been a bit tumultuous lately, but the worst influences are soon to depart, so keep to your path!


Saturn, your ruler, receives the trine of the Moon from your 11th house, and supporting emotional maturity and stability in your friendships and community involvements. Your natural prudence and practicality are appreciated by others at this time. Mars moving into your 4th house energizes your domestic life and family interactions, but be mindful of a tendency to be overly critical or controlling. The Sun’s recent square to Pluto in your 2nd house may have unearthed deep-seated fears about some financial choices that haven’t yet paid off. Trust in your ability to build and maintain material security, but don’t be afraid to seek counsel if you need it. Jupiter and Uranus in your 9th house suggest that game-changing advice is waiting for you from normal ‘wisdom’ channels: mentors, spiritual leaders (whether formal or otherwise), astrologers and tarot card readers, etc.


With Pluto in your sign, all eyes seem to be on Aquarius. Have you noticed how public discourse is starting to catch up to where you were years ago? Of course things need to change. Of course the global systems so deeply entrenched in our day-to-day life aren’t sustainable. Change is upon us, and finally, people are realizing they should’ve been heeding advice like yours all along. The Moon in your 10th house suggests that you may be entrusted with communicating what needs to be heard – trust in your ability to innovate and inspire others.

The Sun’s shift into your 5th house on May 20 brings more social ease, even as it continues to shine a spotlight on your unique points of view. Mars moving into your 3rd house enhances your mental agility and encourages you to speak your truth. This also encourages domestic travel, if you have plans for that.


With Mars, Saturn, and Neptune in your sign, you must be experiencing a powerful confluence of energies that don’t feel altogether compatible. Never mind that – this is where learning happens. Align your dreams with practical steps and take responsibility for your choices, and the rest will come together in time. Venus joins Jupiter in your 3rd house of communication and short-distance travel. This is a fortunate time for writing, sending and receiving important messages, and visiting born and chosen families. If you work in a field related to publishing, higher education, or foreign affairs (including travel to/from foreign nations), this might be a bit of a busy month for you as the Scorpio Moon falls in your 9th house. Perhaps you might call away yourself – you could use some time away, so go for it!

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Story by Wade Caves

Wade Caves, based in Brooklyn, NY, is an astrological consultant and educator specializing in problem-solving applications of astrology. He teaches specialist astrological subjects and astronomy at the School of Traditional Astrology, and publishes his work on world affairs through Skyscript’s In Mundo publishing desk. He is the host of the World Astrology Summit, a conference dedicated to the advancement of astrology for global problem-solving. Website: • Email:

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