Blue in Design Trends

The Soaring ‘20s?

Trend forecasters in the US and Europe are coalescing around a refreshing (and surprising) idea: good times are on the way. They’re touting a renaissance of creativity and invention, and a collective sense of enjoyment. Pack up your troubles and drop them at the curb. The happy train is rounding the bend!

A light blue chair sits in a room with light blue curtains, walls, and flooring.
Photo courtesy of Garrett Rowland

Ghislaine Viñas

Interior designer Ghislaine Viñas is inspired by a highly unusual source: the hue of an unattractive-sounding sea slug in the nudibranch family. “The serene powdery blue they exhibit is swiftly becoming my favorite go-to neutral.” Shown here: Munna Chantal armchair with polished nickel feet covers, upholstered in Creation Baumann. The curtain is Maharam’s Valor in color Alfresco. Read our article for more about the favorite color choices of a wide range of designers.

Blue Design Thinking

Most US economic indicators are steady or trending in the right direction. Employment is high. Inflation is nearly under control. With some of these fundamentals looking good, we can turn creatively to thing things that turn us on.

A blue and white patterned over with a black top.

Dolce & Gabbana x SMEG

In the presence of the Blu Mediterraneo collection, you can almost feel the southern Italian sunshine and smell the nearby lemon groves. This kitchen range is part of a series of appliances with majolica prints, a partnership between the two design companies.

A blue and white tiled bathroom with a white bathtub on the right and white sink on the left.

Antiche Fornaci D’Agostino

A hand-painted, modern take on traditional tiles invoking the temperate shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The La Lampara collection tiles from Antiche Fornaci D’Agostino were shown in September at the annual Cersaie tile exhibition in Bologna. Check out our article to read more about the exciting designs seen at Cersaie.

A blue snakeskin pattern couch against a light colored floor with a matching pillow on the couch.

Cowtan & Tout

Am I blue? This Coromandel cotton and viscose upholstery-weight fabric in Cloud Blue says yes—in the most positive way imaginable. An intriguing mix of Southeast Asian floral motifs with a bit of a British accent. To the trade.

Two clear glasses sit in a puddle of water with light reflecting off it.


Designed by Thomas Bastide, these versatile, ancient Egypt-inspired glasses have diamond-shaped surfaces and interior ruffles to capture the light, giving off a feeling of the sparkling surface of water. Louxor tumblers available in Shadyside at Glassworks and Feathers.

A blue teal bracelet with golden evil eye charms and a golden chain.

Louis Anthony

Fend off all manner of envy. Repel ill wishes. Make every day a sunny one by encircling your wrist with an ancient symbol of protection. Twenty-karat yellow gold, blue enamel, and white diamonds. Available in Bethel Park.

A woman leans against a white wall with a baby blue dress and sandals on.


The radiant azure blue of this frayed-edge shell and skirt from Vince is sure to ease your way from morning to quitting time … and then beyond into evening. All you need is a higher heel and sparkling earring and you’re ready to hit the town. Available in Downtown Pittsburgh.

Story by Stephen Treffinger and Keith Recker

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