Artists and Makers

Pittsburgh Artist Steve Alexis’s Work is Emotion Manifested in Form

An exploration of life, feeling, and the experience of being in and of this world.

Pittsburgh Metalsmith Katie Rearick Creates Quality Objects In a Mass Produced World

Metalsmith and sculptor Katie Rearick works her chosen medium with precision and sensitivity.

What Makes Good Food Photography?

Our images connect us to the story of our lives and to cherished aspects of culture and tradition.

7 Questions with Santa Fe Photographer Tira Howard

As a child, she captured her world with a point-and-shoot camera.

7 Questions with Seasoned Photojournalist Scott Goldsmith

Scott approaches his subjects with a heartfelt and compassionate openness, evoking a sense of vulnerability.

7 Questions with Santa Fe Photographer Penina Meisels

With more than 30 books to her name, Penina has collaborated with Julia Child, Jacques Pepin, Joann Weir, and Williams Sonoma.