The Best Hockey Game Party Menu

There’s nothing quite like the energy of watching a hockey game, especially the tense moment where the puck just barely slides through the 5-hole and into the net. You’ll see bars filled with patrons in hockey jerseys and couches stuffed with friends both cheering and yelling out to their favorite teams in joy and distress. It’s truly an event any time a game is on. The next time you get together with your loved ones to watch two teams face-off on the ice, make sure you’re prepared with the best hockey game party menu. We combine delicious, hockey puck-sized appetizers with a cocktail based on the number one star of the games (Hint! It’s not a player) to create a menu that’ll have everyone snacking.

Just be sure you make enough, these are treats you won’t want to run out of or else you might have a donnybrook on your hands!

Ultimate Beer Cheese and Easy Honey Mustard

Six soft pretzels on a brown paper with a bowl of orange beer cheese, and a bowl of yellow honey mustard all on a white textured surface.

Get ready to party with our Ultimate Beer Cheese and Easy Honey Mustard recipes. These mouthwatering dips are the perfect accompaniment to a tailgate or game day house party. Add a tray of fresh baked soft pretzels from your local grocer’s freezer department, and you’re ready to watch some slappers.

Pigs in a Blanket with 3 Party-Perfect Dips

Mini pigs in a blanket on a slate tray sitting on a greenish surface with 3 bowls of dips.

We’re elevating the Pigs in a Blanket game with 3 Party-Perfect Dips. Dive into a hat trick of exceptional flavors with Harissa and Chili Mayo, Horseradish Cream Cheese, and Jalapeño Mustard dips. Just be sure to double, triple, or quadruple the recipes according to your party size.

Best Sloppy Joe Hand Pies

A woman's hand picing a moon shaped hand pie from a small blue dish with and pies dips and raw ingredients surrounding the dish on a brown paper, green and blue surface.

This version of the traditional Sloppy Joe is much less of a mess. Store-bought sheets of pie crust dough are used to create a fun, well-contained, juicy, meaty treat. Our Best Sloppy Joe Hand Pies are a filling meal, but also a perfect party food since you can grab one and walk around while you snack. 

Zamboni, Snow Cone Cocktail

A Zamboni, Snow-Cone Cocktail that's a vibrant blue ball of ice in a clear glass cup with a silver spoon sitting on pieces of white marble with large cubes of ice.

Every game day meal needs a cocktail and we call ours the Zamboni! It’s an homage to the snow cone and to the big vehicle that’s captured the hearts of kiddos for decades. While creating this cocktail we chose to modify the classic Blue Lagoon cocktail, invented by Andy MacElhone at the famous Harry’s New York Bar in Paris. The Zamboni brings you the fruity flavors of blue Curaçao with a perfect kick of lemon juice.

Olive Penguins

Try these little penguins made from olives, mozzarella cheese, and carrot rounds in honor of our beloved Pittsburgh Penguins. Check out the recipe by Persnickety Plates.

Story by Kylie Thomas

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