Drink Sustainably with These Locally Sourced Cocktail Creations

There are so many ways to celebrate Earth Day. You can make a habit of buying your produce from local farms. You can attend local events and gatherings aiming to both educate and entertain the community. Perhaps you plant a tree or volunteer and a local nursery. Every act, no matter how big or small, makes an impact on the planet. You can drink locally, too.

One idea that can be implemented during Earth Day celebrations and beyond is using local ingredients in your food and drink recipes. If you’re in the mood for a refreshing cocktail as the weather warms, we suggest trying one of the following spring drinks created by Kingfly Spirits’ Raoul Segarra — his creations utilize the local distillery’s spirits in innovative and delicious ways.

As the head distiller at Kingfly, Raoul pays attention to the nuances of spirits as they move from the raw ingredient stage all the way to maturity. With his attentive nose and refined palate, it’s no surprise that he’s just as interested in what happens when the spirits go from the bottle to the cocktail glass. Here he shares some springtime cocktails with TABLE readers. Each one is a poetic riff on a well-known classic. Make the one that seems most tempting to you—or head to Kingfly’s Strip District headquarters and let them fulfill your “drink locally” mission.


Pink liquid makes up this cocktail, a lighter, brighter, super refreshing version of a mint julep. 
A lighter, brighter, super refreshing version of a mint julep.



Two highball glasses, one slightly in front of the other, filled with a local riff on Lynchburg Lemonade. Bright yellow colors.
A local riff on Lynchburg Lemonade using Kingfly Rye and orange liqueur.



A slightly yellow in color Rose and Black Pepper Martini in a martini glass sits on a white granite countertop. Rose petals are off to the side.
A perfectly balanced spring cocktail with sweet and floral notes.



A pink Parfait Amour Gulab cocktail sits in a silver mug.
This Parfait Amour Gulab cocktail is inspired by the Indian dessert Gulab Jamun.


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