Black and White Design Trends

How many times have you said (or thought) It’s all here in black and white? The interaction between these two non-colors is crisp, dramatic, and memorable. And crystal clear.

A half grey half black and white flower patterned couch in dramatic lighting.


During the Déco Off show in Paris in January, Sahco showed Wild Bouquet, a bold juxtaposition of an animal print against an over-scale, exotic floral, to great success. The collection builds on the company’s history while firing it through a 21st-century mindset.

A living room with a bold flower black and white pattern hardwood floor with furniture set on it.

Refin Ceramiche

The Takashi collection pairs bold graphics with the elegant irregularity of nature. Here, a relatively straightforward design realized on a nuanced, wood-textured tile. The subtle grains provide a second, understated linear form. Shown here is the Pepper Leaf pattern.

A woman in an all black jacket and beige cowboy hat stands in front of a neutral background, one hand in her pocket.

Madeleine George

A touch of neutral brings a classic black outfit to life. This Janessa Leone Judith taupe hat will frame your face, shade your cheeks from the sun, and make passersby wish they knew your name. Available in Shadyside.

A woman sits on the floor in a black and white pattern shirt and black pants, her arm across her knee.


An artistically patterned top from Renuar will look splendid under a blazer or out in the sunshine, boldly proclaiming your individuality. Available in Shadyside.

A black vase with a circle ring holds white flowers as a woman's hand touches the flowers.


Cradle your garden bouquets in a lathe-turned ceramic vase adorned with a graceful ring. Handmade in Montpellier, France. Available in Sewickley.

Story by Stephen Treffinger and Keith Recker

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