Bites and Cocktail Pairings for the Super Bowl

When you’re picking out a menu for your Super Bowl party, it can be challenging to select a variety of dishes and beverages that go together. Will a sweet party punch pair well with an equally sweet chocolate treat? Only if you want to give your guests a sugary overload. (In other words: No!) Make sure you have a balanced of sweet and savory or spicy and salty this Super Bowl with our party perfect pairings. We’ll show you how to pick out flavor profiles in the cocktails you serve and match them with a bite that’s just right. Get ready to prepare the most deliciously perfect Super Bowl menu for your special attendees. 

Game Day Spritz

A close down shot of two red cocktails garnished with orange and a fan of orange slices at the top left.

This cocktail bridges the gap between beer drinkers and spritz lovers! Get into the spirit of game day with a spritz based on the flavors of a negroni. The use of beer to create the “spritz” may seem odd at first, but the effervescence it creates is unlike anything else. 

Best Sloppy Joe Hand Pies

A woman's hand picing a moon shaped hand pie from a small blue dish with and pies dips and raw ingredients surrounding the dish on a brown paper, green and blue surface.

These are the absolute Best Sloppy Joe Hand Pies. This version of the traditional Sloppy Joe, emphasis on sloppy, is much less of a mess. Store-bought sheets of pie crust dough are used to create a fun, well-contained, juicy, meaty treats for the perfect party food. Plus when combined with our Game Day Spritz you get that feeling of hamburgers and beer on the back porch in the summertime.

Penicillin Cocktail

Two light yellow drinks in rocks glasses. Penicillin Cocktail

Let’s be honest, with the pain of watching your favorite team lose, who couldn’t use a little painkiller? This Penicillin Cocktail will make you forget all about that fumble that the other team stole away. It’s crafted with smoky Scotch, sweet honey, spicy ginger, and lemon, for a little bit of sweet and spicy, making it a great companion to our savory Homemade Sweet Potato & Black Bean Empanadas.

Homemade Sweet Potato & Black Bean Empanadas

Five homemade Empanadas sit on green wax paper. the Empanada in the middle has half of it eaten. homemade Empanadas recipe

The easier the better and thanks to store-bought pie crust, you’ll be willing to make these fulfilling empanadas any day of the week. Our veggie filling uses sweet potatoes, black beans, and lots of seasoning for a flavorful taste in every bite. 

Armchair Quarterback Cocktail

A copper mug with a cocktail garnished with fresh mint next to a bottle of Dubliner Steelers Select Irish Whiskey on a brown wood surface.

For all those opinionated fans who really believe they “totally would have caught that pass” we have the cocktail for you. We use Pittsburgh products to make this take on a Moscow Mule for all those die hard Steelers’ fans who are still imagining black and gold in the Super Bowl arena. But, you can easily substitute these for your own hometown favorites. 

Brown Butter Crab Toast

large lump crab pieced covered in brown butter and lemon zest on a small round pink plate and a long narrow pink tray with a broken crusty baguette, parsley, and lemon slices on a piece of light yellow spotted fabric

There is no better way to enjoy colossal crab than with brown butter on some crispy French bread. The textures and flavor combine to create a quiet, luxurious dish worth savoring. Your guests will be impressed. The seafood pairs well with the crisp ginger beer profile of our Armchair Quarterback Cocktail. 

Esteban Cocktail

Two drinks, brown in color, sit in two rocks glasses. Esteban Cocktail

This take on a mezcal Negroni includes equal doses of Tequila, Campari, and Sweet Vermouth. Bringing a balance of smoky and bitter flavors with a subtle grapefruit essence, the Esteban Cocktail is for tequila and scotch lovers alike.

Salty Snack Mix

Two big mason jars filled with a salty snacks mix like chips, pretzels, and more.

Nuts and strong salty flavors compliment the bold, smokiness of our Esteban Cocktail. Our Salty Snack Mix is filled with all your favorite treats like cheese crackers, pretzels, garlic-flavored bagel chips, and saltine crackers. It only gets better when toasted in the oven with a savory seasoning mix over it. 


a cocktail garnished with a lemon slice on a dark surface with a carton of Turner's Premium Iced Tea behind it and a bottle of Limoncello.

Think tea and lemonade, the classic Arnold Palmer, but better since it’s made for the Yinzers aht there. This usually non-alcoholic beverage gets an upgrade in Yinzercello‘s  tea and limoncello combination. 

Easy Mexican Corn Fritters

4 corn fritters topped with cotija cheese and cilantro, and garnished with a lime wedge on a narrow white oval platter on a white surface with 2 glasses of beer on the right side

A refreshing drink like the Yinzercello deserves a spiced, flavorful bite as an accompaniment. Paprika and cotija cheese are the star of our Easy Mexican Corn Fritters and trust us, they’re so simple to make. Serve them with lime on the side and a glass of Yinzercello for a touch of acidity.

Smoked Bourbon Old Fashioned

A orange with half its peel off sits to the right of a smoked bourbon old fashioned in rocks glass. curls of smoke waft off the glass.

The famous Old Fashioned gets an upgrade with a homemade smokey syrup. Warm and complex on the palate, this Smoked Bourbon Old Fashioned recipe offers an undeniably delicious and robust flavor.

Maple-Glazed Bacon-Wrapped Carrots

On a white plate sits a bundle of maple-glazed bacon-wrapped carrots with a maple dipping sauce to the side and a glass of beer above the plate.

Let the fatty, salty bacon and sweet maple glaze bring out the spice and smoke in our Smoked Bourbon Old Fashioned. You’ll be surprised just how good carrots can be when a little extra flavor is added. Plus, these crunchy snacks are perfect grab (and gab) treats during commercial breaks. You don’t want to miss a thing.

Tom Collins

Two beverages in tall glasses, light yellow in color. Tom Collins cocktail

We know a gin and tonic may be an easy go-to, but add a few extra ingredients and you have a Tom Collins with a tangy surprise. Think of this classic almost like a grown-up lemonade but with a little more of a mature taste and a cherry on top.

Chili-Lime Popcorn

The sweet citrus of a Tom Collins is a match for one of the most popular TV-watching snacks with an extra kick. Let lime juice and chili powder take your popcorn up a notch. The best part about this snack is that it’s easy to make in big quantities so you’re taken care of no matter how many guests you have. 

Game Day 

2 identical whisky cocktails in rocks glasses, garnished with lemon peel with a black background

It may sound mysterious but our Game Day Cocktail is truly the ultimate football drink. This Apple Cider Manhattan uses winter spices and warming bourbon. The addition of apple cider mellows this drink a bit, allowing your guests to enjoy more than one.

Pigs in a Blanket with 3 Party-Perfect Dips

Mini pigs in a blanket on a slate tray sitting on a greenish surface with 3 bowls of dips.

Looking for a continued burst of flavor that’s contrasts well with our Game Day Cocktail? We’re elevating the Pigs in a Blanket game with 3 Party-Perfect Dips. Dive into a trio of Harissa and Chili Mayo, Horseradish and Cream Cheese, and Jalapeño Mustard dips sure to bring a party-dipping good time.

Story by Kylie Thomas

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