4 Rainbow Recipes for Pride Month

It’s Pride Month! In short, we’re ready to party! The month of June is all about individuality, celebration, and acceptance of loving whoever you love. Get ready to celebrate with parades, festivals, and — you guessed it — rainbows. Lots and lots of rainbows. So in a colorfully delicious fashion, we are sharing some fun and simple rainbow treats to enjoy in celebration of Pride. But, we promise we aren’t pulling a big corporation pride move and changing our logo to rainbow for just one month. Instead, we’re here to celebrate Pride year-round with beautiful recipes that allow you to express yourself, your sexuality, and embrace the rainbow no matter the time of year. 

Pride Popsicles

7 rainbow pride popsicles sit on a black table with slices of lemon scattered beneath them.

Lemony rainbow layered Pride Popsicles are perfect treats to cool down in the June Pride Month heat. After working up a sweat under the sun at the parade, head back home and share these colorful pops with those you love the most.

Easy Rainbow Pesto Veggie Flatbread Pizza

Two flatbread pizzas topped with a rainbow of chopped veggies sitting on a black tabletop.

Celebrate beyond the Pride Festival this year and host a pizza making party that lets everyone customize their own. Our Easy Rainbow Pesto Veggie Flatbread Pizza uses pre-made ingredients like Trader Joe’s Pesto Genovese and your choice of vegetables.

5 Tips for Fruit and Vegetable Skewers

A ring of vegetable skewers with radishes, peppers, and broccoli stacked on each skewer.

Sometimes simplicity is best, especially in the form of Fruit and Vegetable Skewers made with produce from your local farmer’s market. Check out our five tips for creating a successful skewer with a variety of bites and flavors. 

Rainbow Fruit Parfait for Pride Month

A glass holds various fresh fruits in a rainbow pattern with whipped topping and granola on top, all sitting on top of a black plate beside a spoon.

This fruity snack represents much more than just the rainbow pride flag. In fact, it can be arranged with different fruit choices to show off other pride flags too. Just don’t forget the creamy yogurt and crunch of granola that makes our Rainbow Fruit Parfait so addicting.

Story by Kylie Thomas / Photography by Jeff Swensen

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