Your Guide to 2023’s Best Fall Sweaters: Blue Zone

Blue is true. Blue is reassuring. It’s classic but also vibrant and fresh. It’s most often chosen by people across the world as their favorite color. What tones of blue are right for you? Because we are well in love with a range of blues from clear skies to moody midnight, you’ll have to decide for yourself. Of special interest: the last three entries here, all naturally dyed indigo sweaters. They will age with the subtlety and charm of your favorite pair of jeans which get better with every wearing.

NN07’s Sky Blue Ribbed-Knit Sweater

a light blue cable knit sweater

The designers at NN07 aim to create clothing that will last not just a season but a lifetime. This blue gem, easy to layer over a collared shirt or a tee, is a blend of alpaca, wool, and synthetic fibers. Its ribbed structure provides extra warmth.

Mr. Porter’s Berry Mélange Sweater

Designed by Mr. Porter with premium yarns and a gorgeous fit, this sweater has been meticulously knitted in Italy with alpaca, wool, and nylon fibers in two colors: a cloudy blue or an earthy green. We love both, but the “blue sky thinking” that blue tones can imbue is just what we need right now.

J Crew Relaxed V-Neck Cashmere Sweater

A sensually relaxed fit allows you to show a little shoulder if you like. But the comfort and beauty don’t stop there. Reinforcing the virtuous, trustworthy symbolism of blue, this sweater is made from cashmere and certified as responsible by the Aid by Trade Foundation (AbTF), a nonprofit that promotes sustainable agricultural development across the globe. As the foundation’s first U.S. member, J Crew sources cashmere that is certified to the AbTF’s The Good Cashmere Standard®, which ensures the welfare of the cashmere goats, protects natural resources, and improves the working conditions of farmers and farmworkers in Inner Mongolia.

J Crew Cable-Knit Stretch Cardigan

This blue automatically transports us to happy times. Is it azure, turquoise or… could it be the cerulean tone discussed at length by Miranda Priestley in The Devil Wears Prada?  Inspired by classic Irish sweaters, this deliciously chunky cardigan is made of a blend of natural and synthetic fibers. As if its classically comfortable fit weren’t enough, there’s a bit of stretch in the yarns to guarantee easy wearability.

Imogene + Willie’s Cable Knit Cardigan Dipped in Natural Indigo

Only a hundred of these sweaters have been hand-knit with 100% wool yarns from Japan by Imogene and Willie. Each one is hand-dipped in natural indigo dye, which makes for gorgeous shadows and highlights… and guarantees that the garment will wear and weather to reflect its journey with you. Just like a beloved pair of indigo jeans. The gentle aging of the blues will only increase your passion for this lovely piece.

Todd Snyder’s Indigo Knit Studio Coat

Is it a chore coat? Is it a sweatshirt? Yes to both questions. Made from soft French terry and dyed with real indigo, this true-blue color will fade handsomely over time — just don’t wear it (or wash it) with your lights. Workwear-inspired details include durable double- and single-needing stitching throughout and functional button cuffs. Designed to hit at the hip and made for easy layering, wear it as you would a cardigan or light jacket.

Todd Snyder’s Cotton Indigo Crew

This all-cotton crewneck sweater is light enough to layer. Its natural indigo colors, which have been artfully washed for nuance and a multiplicity of blue tones, enhance the texture of the knit. Don’t wash with lights: natural indigo washes out a bit in the laundry, just like your favorite pair of jeans.

Story by Keith Recker

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