On Trend 2023: Recycled

What’s right now? Because the world changes so quickly, that question burns in our minds regularly. As humans, we live through our senses, and part of the answer involves art and design that soothes us, supports us, and delights us. We need that nourishment to face the challenges of our time, at home and in society at large. TABLE Magazine looks at fall and winter trends in art, craft, and design that are just right for our lives in 2023, like the below recycled furnishings.

Feeling Responsible

As designers continue to examine and expand what it means to reuse, recycle, and upcycle, they create ever more compelling representations of what responsible behavior can mean. Some are poetic references to their source materials, others reforging them into entirely new entities.

A black wavy looking bench

Practical Sculpture
Made in collaboration with the Norwegian artist Anna Maria Øfstedal Eng, Dal Piece is as much a sculpture as it is a functional object. It is made from 100% recycled cast aluminum, the shape inspired by a mountainside in Norway where trickling water slowly shapes and softens the rock over millennia.

a white plastic looking specaled chair, crafted from ecothylene, an exclusive material made from recycled plastic toys.

All Bright, All Happy
One Luisa table + two Charlie chairs = the ideal spot for young children to paint, read, or let their imaginations run wild. Crafted by Eco Birdy from ecothylene, an exclusive material made from recycled plastic toys. It is easy to carry, clean, and is suited for both indoor and outdoor use.

a recycled round carpet featuring intriguing, beautifully mixed colorways.

Hand Rolled
Based on extensive research into the leftover wax-printed textiles of the Dutch manufacturer Vlisco, Simone Post created a series of recycled carpets in intriguing, beautifully mixed colorways. The shape and pattern are inspired by the side view of large rolls of textiles, and the carpets are made in the Netherlands in her atelier.

three side tables made of recycled plywood

Ahead of the Curve
Swedish design firm Bla Station employed ideas like local production, waste reduction, and sustainability long before they were fashionable. (Like, in the ‘80s!) CEO Johan Lindau recently turned plywood into an object of desire, something easy to move, and with minimal support structure and impact. Available in five shapes and five colors. Available to the design trade at Scandinavian Spaces.

Story by Stephen Treffinger and Keith Recker / Principle Photography by Dave Bryce

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