New Space Bar Takes to the Stars in Market Square

Who doesn’t dream of traveling through outer space, soaring past planets and bright stars in a spaceship to arrive at our big beautiful moon! Thanks to Space Bar in Market Square, we get a bit closer to realizing that dream. 

A space bar decorated in tv screens displaying images of the galaxy with people talking throughout the space in Space Bar at Market Square.

In A Galaxy Far Far Away

Space Bar brings the solar system right to the heart of Downtown Pittsburgh in a futuristic, atmospheric experience. Step into a cosmic realm decorated with screens displaying the vastness of space and plenty of neon lights. 

The success of this bar goes far beyond its celestial furnishing. When creating the Space Bar, owner Dale Thomas Vaughn thought about what it would be like to live in space. What kinds of food would people eat? What drinks would be created in the cosmos? That’s when he brought in bartender Arum Krause to help bring his vision to life.

An orange and yellow cocktail sits in a glass on a reflective black bar with moon light orbs above at Space Bar in Market Square.
Solar Storm Cocktail

A Futuristic Cocktail Twist

Krause decided to work with flavors and ingredients that you wouldn’t normally expect in a cocktail. One of his creations called the Solar Storm features a coconut curry foam atop a combination of Scarlet Ibis Rum, apricot liqueur, passionfruit, roasted butternut squash, lime, and black cardamom honey. The end result is a blend of warm spice and sweet tones all in one sip. 

If you’re looking for something more traditional, the bar also offers a number of updated classic cocktails. Order a Negroni Evolution with Roku Gin, hojicha-infused Campari, Japanese Sweet Vermouth, persimmon liqueur, and Maldon sea salt. Or delight in a Manhattan Project including Quantum Rye Blend, smoked cherry tincture, soy and black cardamom bitters, and a vermouth sphere on top of an ice cube that you get to pop with a toothpick.

An above view of an orange cocktail with a yellow coconut curry foam at Space Bar in Market Square.
Solar Storm Cocktail

Beyond The Basics

The uniqueness doesn’t end with the drinks. Vaughn, as a science fiction writer, knew that in space you’d have limited access to meat products so he made an entirely vegetarian menu to formulate a genuine galactic experience. Among the options is an Olympus Mons Gyro made with oyster mushrooms and served with housemade socca. If you’d prefer a dish to share, try the Binary Hummus Platter which has edamame and roasted beet humus.

When Vaughn found the space in Market Square, he saw it as an opportunity to bring the neighborhood back together. He hopes in the future the bar can collaborate with other businesses to help bring the sense of partnership back to life. In the meantime, they’ll continue to add more selections to their menu and implement their membership program, which includes access to special events.

Story and Photography by Kylie Thomas

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