Kids Coven: Leftover Halloween Candy Ideas

When a costumed coven of young sorceresses convenes, magic ensues… and we are reminded of how rich with fantasy and imagination this season is for children. After chatting with and photographing a gaggle of gal-ghouls in a costume of their choice, we incorporated their favorite Halloween candy into sweet treats that even adults can’t resist.

This year, instead of tossing excess candy in the trash or letting it take up space in your cabinets, get creative with these leftover halloween candy ideas.

Fiona, Favorite Halloween Candy: Reese’s

A little girl in a witch costume next to a plate of quick bread

What costume are you wearing this Halloween, Fiona? Construction worker with friends!

Pretend that the added bananas make this Peanut Butter Cup Banana Bread recipe just a tad bit healthier…

Freya, Favorite Halloween Candy: Twix

Freya, would you rather drink apple cider or eat a caramel or candy apple? Apple Cider.

Snag a few Twix Bars from your little one’s Halloween bag (we won’t tell!) and whip up this no-bake cold cake.

Fauna, Favorite Halloween Candy: Snickers

Fauna, would you rather be a princess or a witch? A witch.

Give in to an ooey gooey craving with our Snickers Cookies (Levain Bakery Style) recipe.

Scarlet, Favorite Halloween Candy: Hubba Bubba

Haunted houses… YES or EEK, too scary, Scarlet!? Yes!

You can chew the gum for a moment of super sweetness, followed by a less flavorful, stiff wad of gum to give your jaw a workout, OR… you can infuse your favorite vodka, and create a surprisingly delicious spritz. (Obviously, this one is for the grown ups.)

Amira, Favorite Halloween Treat: Candied Apples

Would you rather be a princess or a witch, Amira? Princess.

If you haven’t had a candied apple in a while, you’ll be surprised at the smile they put on everyone’s face.

Photography by Laura Petrilla

Shot on location at barebones productions Blackbox Theater

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