Eva Longoria Inspired Mojito

A classic Cuban drink that has been enjoyed for centuries, it is believed that the first mojito cocktail was created in the late 16th century by Sir Francis Drake, a British explorer who was visiting Havana at the time. The drink was originally made with lime, sugar, and mint, but over time, variations of the recipe have emerged, including the addition of rum and soda water. Our Eva Longoria inspired mojito recipe features white rum and club soda to top off the cocktail.

The actress’s 2023 CNN show Searching for Mexico showcased the food and culture of six diverse regions in the southern country, with the aim to illustrate Mexico’s multifaceted offerings beyond the cliche tacos and tequila. She inspired us to dive deeper into time-honored Mexican cuisine.

Eva Longoria Inspired Mojito Recipe


2 oz white rum
1 oz fresh lime juice
2 tsp sugar (or simple syrup)
8-10 fresh mint leaves
Club soda (to top off)
Ice cubes
Lime wedges and extra mint leaves for garnish


  1. In a highball glass, gently muddle the mint leaves and sugar (or simple syrup).
  2. Add the lime juice to the glass.
  3. Fill the glass with ice cubes and pour in the white rum.
  4. Use a bar spoon or a long stirring stick to mix the ingredients together.
  5. Top off the glass with club soda and give it a gentle stir.
  6. Garnish the glass with a lime wedge and a sprig of mint.

Recipe by Gabe Gomez / Photography by Dave Bryce / Cocktail by Sarah Cascone / Styling by Anna Calabrese

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