Get to Know Alkemis, A Paint Company Fighting Pollution

Paint aficionados are well-familiar with terms like low-VOC, zero-VOC, low-odor, a few signifiers of healthier, less toxic paint. But, according to Alkemis Paint, that’s not enough. According to them, latex paint (which most low- and zero-VOC paints are) are still contributors to both indoor air and environmental pollution.

Blue Alkemis paint on the wall of a home interior.

Their website includes a quote from Forbes Magazine stating that latex-based paints are the biggest contributor of microplastics in the ocean. Each year, 1.9 million tons of paint end up in our oceans and waterways.

To combat this, the company has created “a premium, all-natural, hand-crafted interior paint made from artist-quality crystalline pigments that promote both human wellness and environmental consciousness.”

A rainbow of Alkemis paint swatches
Available swatches from Alkemis

Alkemis is one of the only Cradle To Grave certified paints in North America. It uses no harmful synthetics or toxic pollutants in its formula. The paints meet other stringent criteria, which you can read about here. Even the manufacturing process is emission-free.

And because there are no plasticizers in Alkemis, it means that walls painted with it are water vapor-permeable. So, it’s nearly impossible for mold to grow. This negates the need for biocides and fungicides that can even be found in certain “green” paints.

What’s more, the natural components create a wide range of beautiful colors, not the limited offerings often found in other mineral-based wall treatments. You can find everything from whites, pastels, and earth tones to bright reds, blues, and greens.

Story by Stephen Treffinger / Photos courtesy of Alkemis

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