6 Root Vegetable Recipes

Root vegetables, with their unique flavors and intricate textures, have been a staple in kitchens since the dawn of time. From the orange hues and crunchiness of carrots to the deep purples and earthy sweetness of beets, these versatile vegetables offer plenty of nutrient-dense culinary possibilities. Whether roasted to caramelized perfection, mashed into creamy purees, or made into vibrant salads, root vegetables allow you to enhance your longstanding dinner favorites or create new, exciting meals. Discover the endless possibilities of these treats from the Earth with some of our favorite root vegetable recipes. Whether you’re looking to use potatoes, carrots, beets, sweet potatoes, or onion, we’ve got the perfect recipe to get you started.

Roasted Beet Salad with French Vinaigrette

Beets are actually at their best late in the winter season, when they’ve had time to accumulate the natural sugars and earthy flavors they’re so famous for. With this Roasted Beet Salad recipe, you can bring out all their virtues with a quick roasting session, and a drizzle of delicious vinaigrette.

Maple-Glazed Bacon-Wrapped Carrots

On a white plate sits a bundle of maple-glazed bacon-wrapped carrots with a maple dipping sauce to the side and a glass of beer above the plate.

Crispy bacon, crunchy farm-fresh carrots, and coated in a sweet maple-glaze… Do we have your attention? Our Maple-Glazed Bacon-Wrapped Carrots elevate your basic veggie recipe with a beloved maple bacon flavor. Serve it as a side along with a roasted pork loin or on its own for a yummy appetizer. 

Sweet Potato Stacks

Start with thick slices of sweet potato drizzled with butter and baking spices. Roast for a half hour in the oven. What do you get? Our delicious Sweet Potato Stacks, a side dish with savory undertones, a bit of natural sweetness, and an herbaceous aroma that can’t be beat.

Carrot and Beet Latkes

An aerial view of a wooden cutting board filled with various veggies like carrots and beets. Carrot and Beet Latkes recipe

Potato latkes are a favorite for breakfast or lunch but what if we told you that there’s a way to make them even tastier? Instead of potatoes, use shredded carrots and beets for a bit of earthy sweetness, crisped to perfection. Plus, get adventurous with the garnishes like capers and hard boiled eggs.

Caramelized Fennel, Onion and Pea Soup

Caramelized fennel soup in a bowl on a white wooden surface with a spoon and a small bowl of toppings on the side

If you’re looking for a farm-to-table winter soup, try our Caramelized Fennel, Onion and Pea Soup! Warm spices come together with fresh fennel, onion, and frozen peas to make this recipe as simple as possible. Cuddle up on the couch with a bowl of our soup on the next winter weather day you’re stuck at home. 

Roasted Radishes with Garlic Scape Butter

An aerial shot of a plate of Roasted Radishes with Garlic Scape Butter

You have to try roasted radishes to appreciate their goodness. The roasting process brings out a sweetness in the radishes that is unexpected but delightful. Garlic scapes complement the Roasted Radishes but you can use garlic and shallots to get the same effect.

Story by Kylie Thomas

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