5 Flatware Sets to Spruce Up Your Table

For something people spend so much time handling, there are a lot of flatware sets out there that seem designed without humans in mind: spindly handles that are uncomfortable to hold, oddly shaped “statement” knives that don’t cut well, and weird spoon bowls that feel bad when you bring them to your mouth. Bon appétit?

Fortunately, there are a lot of well-designed and beautiful sets out there. I’ve chosen five on the more classic side (with a few variations for fun) that avoid overly modern shapes or odd finishes. Any of these would be a welcome addition to your everyday table.

5 Flatware Sets to Spruce Up Your Table

A set of two knives, a fork, and a spoon on a white background

Michele Varian Vintage Hematite Cutlery

A bit moody but still trad offering from Brooklyn-based Varian. (These also come in a silver and a gold finish if you’d prefer that.) Comfy in the hand and beautiful to look at.

A set of two golden spoons, a knife, and two forks on a white background

Sir Madam Florentine Flatware (champagne matte)

In theory, gold flatware is not something towards which I gravitate. It’s easy to get wrong—too shiny, too glitzy, too ornate. But this set has a burnished, warm feeling that hits all the right notes. (There’s a matte silver set that’s also a knockoutl.)

A set of two forks, a knife, and two spoons on a beige background

Crate & Barrel Locale Flatware Set

If you’re looking for something more entry-level that still has a presence (or if you have a really, really large family over for holidays!), this bargain-priced box set from C&B feels great in the hand with classic proportions and a lovely finish.

Cutlery arranged alternating fork, knife, spoon, fork, knife, spoon, on a white background

David Mellor Design Paris Cutlery

Brit David Mellor was something of a flatware whisperer. His sets are famously well-proportioned and designed to be exceptionally functional. Paris, introduced in 1993, is one of his most enduring designs, used in restaurants and on luxury ships worldwide.

Two forks, a knife, and two spoons with multicolored handles staged over a ceramic ware plate

Mepra Fantasia Italian Flatware Sets

For something that isn’t OTT but that gives off a cheerful mod feel, this set comes in a range of hues: choose one color or one of six mixed sets. The handles are made of resin reinforced with glass fibers.

Story by Stephen Treffinger / Photos courtesy of Michele Varian, Mepra, David Mellor, Sir Madam, and Crate & Barrel

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