5 Design Trends for 2024 We Can Get Behind

Trend forecasting is a complicated business, to put it mildly. If you have a look (as we did) at numerous prediction lists for interior design trends in 2024, you’ll find both common threads and (sometimes) comical contradictions. One source says, “It’s ALL about bold colors!” while another declares, “Bold colors are definitely on the OUT!”

There are, however, several themes that showed up repeatedly. From those, we chose five we think will go beyond mere trendiness and will instead be approaches you can live with for the long haul. (Do you really want to go deep into chartreuse, as one roundup suggested? Talk about buyer’s remorse!)

A living room is shown in different shades of brown with a couch, curtains, and pillows.

Photo courtesy of Zinc Textile

Be Bold with Browns

Shaking off their ’70s finished basement vibe, browns are now not only chic but also very modern. The example shown is of the “go bold or go home” variety, but you can pick one element and build on that. We think the wall-covering would be a great place to start.

An all white kitchen depicting design trends of 2024 including cabinets and fridge with silver accents on the stove and sink and gold accents on the hooded lights above the sink.

Photo courtesy of Bria Hammel Interiors

Mix Your Metals

The easiest place to pull off the mixed metals trend is probably the kitchen, where there are plenty of finishes with which to play. Keep everything within the same mood (all modern, all tradional, etc.) and have some things match—then you can get away with quite a lot. Metal shades add an unexpected metallic hit.

An interior shot of a dark washed wall with a wood table and grey ottoman in front of it and white light over the table.

Photo courtesy of Portola Paints

Add Texture to Walls

Using lime wash, chalk paint, Venetian plaster, and other less traditional wall finishes is an easy way to bring texture and depth to your room. Some are brushed on while others are applied with a trowel. Thinned milk paint or lime wash are easy beginner finishes.

A mudroom updated for 2024 design trends with dark cabinets and hangers holding light jackets and hats.

Design by @lindseybrookedesign (Instagram) / Photo by @amybartlam (Instagram)

Amp Up Your Mudroom (and Pantry, and Hallways)

Making the most of (previously) unloved areas such as mudrooms, pantries—and even hallways—elevates your whole home. Nothing should ever feel like an afterthought. Use built-ins, bold colors, wallpaper, and great accessories to make out-of-the-way spaces as shine.

A room with stone washed walls, a shadow of a person on the left, and upscaled couches and tables.

Photo courtesy of Refin Ceramiche

Embrace Quiet Luxury

Glamor is no longer about ostentation or over-the-top displays. Today, top-notch finishes and materials do the heavy lifting, bringing understated luxury that’s more about quality than razzle-dazzle.

Story by Stephen Treffinger

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