12 Colorful Cocktail Recipes

 Welcome to a symphony of hues and tastes courtesy of colorful cocktail craftsmanship! Engage your senses as we uncover our rainbow of vibrant cocktail recipes that are as visually captivating as they are deliciously refreshing. From captivating bright blues to invigorating deep reds, and from passionate oranges to sun-kissed yellows, each cocktail is a masterpiece, curated to enchant both the flavor palate and the eyes. Mix up one (or more) of these recipes for your next gathering if you want a beverage option that astounds with aesthetic shades of color. 

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Cocktail

A strawberry rhubarb pie cocktail in a clear glass with pie crust strawberries and fresh strawberry garnish on a wooden surface with a white textured background

What’s a better representative of the color red than a ripe, juicy strawberry? Our Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Cocktail mimics a sweet and tart flavor with the addition of rhubarb bitters. Skip the dessert and have this pie in a cocktail instead. 

Cherry Mint Cooler Cocktail

Robust cherry flavor shines in this vodka cocktail.

If you’re not a strawberry lover then maybe you’d prefer the complex taste of cherries. We use Red Ribbon’s Cherry Soda for our Cherry Mint Cooler but you can use any cherry soda you prefer. Add in some mint, vodka, and lime juice for a refreshing drink on a hot day. 

Marigold Margarita

A reposado cocktail that pleases the palate and the eye. Photo by Tira Howard

To get a bright, saturated orange color, we use grapefruit juice and elderflower liqueur. The Marigold Margarita takes the traditional margarita and elevates it with an unique and innovative flavor. Finish it off with fresh marigold petals to really seal the orange deal.

Sands of Arrakis Dune Cocktail

A cocktail in an orangish hue sits in a cocktail glass topped with an apple chip and dusted in spice for our Sand of Arrakis Dune cocktail.

The orange-tinted Spice in the Dune movies comes to life with the Sands of Arrakis Dune Cocktail. This whirlwind of a drink features blood orange coolie, fino sherry, bay leaf bitters, reduced apple, and plenty of whiskey to make sure you feel that desert heat. 

Hot Honey Toddy

Two mugs filled with a golden hot honey toddy liquid with a tea bag in each and lemon slice on the rim. They're on a white background surrounded by spices and lemon slices.


Yellow should make us feel happy and comfortable so what better than a Hot Honey Toddy? Sit back and relax with a sip of warm white rum flavored with lemon, rose honey, and ginger tea bags. It’ll be hard to go back to drinking regular tea after just one glass.

Penicillin Cocktail

Two light yellow drinks in rocks glasses. Penicillin Cocktail

For those days when you need a little something to take the stress away, the Penicillin Cocktail is just what the doctor ordered. Bright and content with smoky scotch, sweet honey, spicy ginger, and lemon, it’ll whisk you away to paradise. 

Corpse Reviver #2, A Cocktail for Pisces

A Corpse Reviver Cocktail for Pisces in a glass with green liquid and yellow garnishes all on a black reflective table.

You don’t have to be a Pisces to enjoy the dark and intriguing flavor profile of our Corpse Reviver #2 but it certainly helps. This cocktail is not for the faint of heart with Roku Japanese Gin at its core and Lillet Apéritif chasing right after. Though some orange liqueur and lemon juice add a lovely citrus touch.

Mean and Green

A green cocktail in a clear textured glass with dill "whisker "garnish to represent the Grinches hair, sitting on a pile of snow with a green shiny Christmas bulb and pine trees in the background, appropriately titled Mean and Green.

Our Mean and Green Cocktail inspired by How The Grinch Stole Christmas is not exclusively a holiday drink. It’s essentially a pickleback but in cocktail form. This pickle-themed cocktail uses whiskey and pickle brine plus a fuzzy dill garnish.

Zamboni, Snow Cone Cocktail

A Zamboni, Snow-Cone Cocktail that's a vibrant blue ball of ice in a clear glass cup with a silver spoon sitting on pieces of white marble with large cubes of ice.

Who hasn’t been entranced by the huge, rolling zamboni at a hockey game? We had to make a cocktail dedicated to our favorite part of the game with a Zamboni Snow Cone innovation. It’s perfectly blue to remind you of the snow cones of your youth thanks to syrupy blue curaçao.

Snow Miser Cocktail

A Tiffany Blue colored winter cocktail called Snow Miser, in a Nick and Nora glass with dry ice.l

You wouldn’t think the Snow Miser Cocktail would be so tasty and sweet with his frozen exterior. For a little nip of his counterpart Heat Miser, we include vanilla, cinnamon, and butterfly pea tea to balance out the sweetness of the RumChata. 

Wild Blossom

a cocktail, dark purple in color, sits on a black marble table. Wild Blossom Cocktail recipe from The Oaklander. pea flower cocktail

Whether you’re indulging in purple for its association with springtime or Halloween, the Wild Blossom Cocktail fits the bill for any occasion. This drink relies heavily on pea flower infused gin that gives the drink its gorgeous hue and compliments the mint and cucumber additions. 

Prickly Pear Margarita

A dark-pinkish red prickly pear margarita sits in a salt-rimmed glass in front of a green background.

When you think of pear, we’re sure green skins and slightly yellow slices come to mind. But, the Liquid Alchemist Prickly Pear actually creates a deep violet tone. This Prickly Pear Margarita highlights an acidic sweetness with a tang of lime juice for the perfect finish.

Story by Kylie Thomas
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