Your Full Moon in Sagittarius Horoscope: May 2024

This May brings some of the best horoscopes we will see all year, thanks to a full moon in Sagittarius. There is tremendous optimism in the conjunctions of the Sun, Jupiter and Venus and the green, lively, springtime signs of Taurus and Gemini that host them. Symbolically, perhaps literally, rains are shown by the placement of Saturn in Pisces, but this adds to the dynamic blend blend of opportunities for growth, self-expression, and generative connection.

Jupiter Shifting Into Gemini

The headline news is Jupiter’s move into Gemini in late May, where it will stay for the coming year. The earth and water signs have enjoyed some additional luck and good favor while Jupiter moved through Taurus. Now, a shift into Gemini rises tides for the air and fire signs. This shift is significant because of its relative rarity; the Moon changes signs every two and a half days, Jupiter takes an entire year.

Where Jupiter goes, doors open. Chief manifestations of Gemini are in networks, pattern recognition, and the generation of curiosity. Even those of us leading simple lives with simple problems can benefit from the uplift. Re-assessment of habitual thinking patterns, learning something new, watching how information flows around us and what that says about our relationship to our environments – these are things Jupiter can help us find room for if we engage in stimulating conversations, and open ourselves up to new ideas and experiences. Delicate Venus aligned with Jupiter just done day prior to Jupiter’s ingress into Gemini, suggesting that these shifts won’t force themselves upon us abruptly but will coax with a gentler hand and voice. That’s how this astrological story begins; where it goes from there is up to the decisions we make along the way.

Continuous Moving of the Planets

As we welcome the month of June, Mercury joins the party in Gemini, further amplifying our desire to learn, communicate, connect. In the first week of the month, Venus and the Sun form an important conjunction in Gemini, encouraging us to express ourselves authentically and to find joy in our unique skills and interests. This is also a beautiful signature for the re-ignition of love, appreciation, and partnership.

Mid-June sees a change of pace as Mars moves into Taurus, urging us to slow down a bit. Mars was in Aries for some time, a swifter energy. As Mars moves into Taurus, we show perseverance and strength through stillness, reservation, thought. If you garden, it’s the perfect time to plant something red, or something with some bite.

As the month progresses, Mercury and the Sun continue to travel together in Gemini, highlighting the importance of clear communication and self-expression. Towards the end of this period, both Mercury and Venus transition into Cancer, signaling a shift towards emotional introspection and a focus on nurturing our close relationships.

Throughout this time, the key will be to strike a balance between the mental energy of Gemini and the grounded stability of Taurus. Doing that will require dedication in being present, and remaining curious about the contexts we create for our own lives.

Your Full Moon in Sagittarius Horoscope


Ready for an adventure, Aries? The Sagittarius Moon is igniting your wanderlust, pushing you to explore uncharted territories both mentally and physically. With Venus and Jupiter moving into your 3rd house, expect a flurry of fascinating conversations and mini-adventures that expand your horizons. Mercury’s sextile to Saturn is like a cosmic green light for expressing your long-term goals with clarity and conviction.

And with Mars rounding out its tour of your sign, you’ve got the courage and experience it takes to make bold moves. Just remember, there’s a fine line between assertiveness and aggression. Recent financial opportunities courtesy of the Sun-Jupiter conjunction may have boosted your confidence, but now’s the time to build on what the last year taught you financially. Use this time wisely!


Taurus, the full Moon is diving deep into your 8th house, beckoning you to confront your own shadows. It’s not for nothing that we are told that true vulnerability releases us from whatever’s been holding us back. As Venus and Jupiter bid farewell to your sign, followed closely by the Sun, you may find yourself ready to make a big, creature-comfort purchase or lifestyle change that will exhaust some well-earned resources.

You have some good financial luck ahead, but you do need to be sure you aren’t attempting magnificence. Spending might sometimes be pointless, as you tend to find more pleasure in the simple things. Mercury’s sextile to Saturn is like a stellar blueprint for turning your practical plans into reality, especially when it comes to work and wellness. Slow and steady wins the race, so trust your ability to create stability through consistent effort and an open mind.


The stage is set for you to shine, dear Gemini! The full Moon in your 7th house is illuminating your partnerships, inviting you to engage in heartfelt conversations and find beauty in compromise. You might also be tasked with putting reason above instinct, and I expect that message will come from people close around you. With the Sun and Venus aligning in your sign, your charm and wit are in full force.

Use this cosmic charisma to express your ideas and affections with confidence. Jupiter’s entry into your sign is like a golden ticket to personal growth and adventure. Where you can do so responsibly, say yes to opportunities that expand your mind and your social circle. Mercury’s sextile to Saturn is the cue to put your thinking cap on and have some serious discussions with friends or colleagues. Your adaptability is your secret weapon – savor your encounters with the unexpected.


Cancer, the Sagittarius Moon is turning your daily routine into something of a chore. Your 6th house of work is activated. That tends to remind us ways in which we aren’t being thanked for the hard work we do. The optimism of Jupiter can help to infuse our tasks with enthusiasm and a sense of purpose.

However, you must choose that optimism. As Venus and Jupiter sneak into your 12th house, they’re whispering sweet secrets somewhere in the background that wants to be heard above the din – listen to your intuition and carve out some solo time for rest and reflection. The Sun-Venus alignment in your 12th house is like a permission slip to indulge your imagination and spread some kindness. The sextile between Mercury and Saturn will bring gentle reminders to balance dreams with what we know of ourselves, and if you look for the signs, a new path that leads to your heart’s aim should present itself.


If you’re anything like the stereotypical Leo, you might be happy to hear that the right kind of attention is headed your way. The Full Moon is igniting your 5th house of creativity and romance. It urges you to embrace your passions and express yourself without apology. With Venus and Jupiter moving into your 11th house, your social life is about to get a serious upgrade. Collaborations and friendships are taking on a more expansive and inspiring tone.

The Sun-Venus alignment in your 11th house is an invitation to step into your role as a leader and influencer – not necessarily in the social media sense, but Jupiter’s proximity to this conjunction certainly boosts that track if you hope to find it open to you. Use your magnetism to bring people together and create positive change. One tip I can give you – a ball is going to drop in your professional space. If you’re attentive, clever, and resourceful, you could be the one to catch it. Don’t miss this opportunity to demonstrate your reliability.


Virgo, the Sagittarius Moon is turning your home into a playground of possibilities. Your 4th house of family and domestic life is illuminated, encouraging you to find adventure in your own backyard. The Sun will highlight your 4th house of home, so it would be a great month for hosting and receiving guests. With Venus and Jupiter moving into your 10th house of career, you’re in the professional spotlight. Your unique blend of practicality and charm is catching the eye of higher-ups and opening doors to advancement.

The Sun-Venus alignment in your 10th house is a timely vote of confidence in your leadership abilities; I’m hoping that you’ll find the sign you need to trust your competence and give your ideas the clear communication they deserve. This conjunction is also a general boon, and should show up in various places in your day to day life. Mercury, your ruling planet, is forming a supportive sextile to Saturn, helping you approach work and health matters with discipline and attention to detail. Remember, even small steps can lead to big achievements.


The Full Moon is activating your mental gears and turning you into a knowledge-seeking machine! Your 3rd house of communication and learning is lit up, sparking your curiosity and desire to engage in mentally stimulating conversations. This lunation is a great time to send and receive messages, if you’ve been sitting on something that needs saying. With Venus, your ruling planet, and Jupiter moving into your 9th house, the sky calls you to expand your horizons, both literally and figuratively.

Travel, higher education, and spiritual exploration are all favored – if your passport isn’t current, now’s the time to renew. Even better would be taking advantage of a good time to plan and book your next international trip. The Sun-Venus conjunction in your 9th house promises a refresh for your inner compass, guiding you towards experiences that illuminate new perspectives and feed your soul. Mercury and Saturn are touching in the sky this month. For you, these activate the ‘hard work’ houses. Those houses also encourage physical activity to help you navigate any discomforts you’re finding in the body.


Watch the wallet, Scorpio, as the Sagittarius Moon shines a light on your resources and ways in which you are parted from them. This full Moon should prompt a re-evaluation of your relationship with earning and material things. These are all good things, if you let them be. Take this as an invitation. As Venus and Jupiter move into your 8th house, you’re more likely than normal to be on the receiving end of the generosity of others. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth – gratitude is the name of the game.

This transit tends to correspond with a relief of long-held anxieties. The Sun-Venus alignment in your 8th house acts as an amplifier, intensifying your allure and ability to create strong bonds. A reminder to communicate clearly and stay committed to your goals will come to you thanks to Mercury’s gentle touch with Saturn, and this is likely to be passed to you through relationships and mentorships. You are resilient, and this aspect is helpful in the long-run, so take these moments in stride.


The Moon in your sign is like a cosmic birthday party, and you’re the guest of honor! I shouldn’t be surprised if you’re feeling extra adventurous and optimistic lately. As Venus and Jupiter dance into your 7th house, partnerships are become more buoyant, light, and conducive. The Sun-Venus alignment in your 7th house will act like a magnet, attracting positive connections and opportunities for growth through one-on-one relationships. Mercury reaches to Saturn early in the month and helps you balance spontaneity with responsibility.

If you have family nearby, this would be a good time to slow down and check-in. Home renovation projects are also favorable, provided you take things one step at a time. If you are single, this is a great time to go out and make new connections. If you are partnered, a new chapter wants to unfold for you and your partner. Where is adventure waiting for you?


Capricorn, the full Moon is shining a light on your mysterious 12th house, likely giving you some need to withdraw from overly social activity. This is a time for introspection, contemplation, and re-connecting with yourself. As Venus and Jupiter move into your 6th house, you’re being called to find the joy in the mundane. There’s joy in the every-day, even the thankless.

The Sun and Venus come together this month in your 6th house. This should help uproot any physical discomfort you have been feeling – provided you don’t lean into too much indulgence, as these two make sweet tooths even worse is a reminder to approach your work and health with a spirit of joy and self-care. Mercury’s sextile to Saturn, your ruling planet, is supporting clear communication and practical planning. Call on your ability to create a solid foundation through consistent effort and emotional maturity. Remember, success is a marathon, not a sprint.


Aquarius, the Sagittarius Moon is turning your social life into a grand adventure. This activates your 11th house of friendships and community, encouraging you to expand your circle and collaborate on innovative projects.

This is your cue to connect with like-minded individuals and make a positive impact on your world. Venus and Jupiter are moving into your 5th house, with the Sun not far behind. So, it’s time to bring some fun and joy back into your life. This full Moon puts a spotlight on your natural charisma and magnetic personality. Why not lean into it for a little while? Saturn has been touring your 2nd house for some time, which has put a damper on your financial plans. Saturn will move on early next year. For now, take the opportunities where they come. One is appearing on the horizon, one requiring ingenuity and creativity, so catch it as it flies your way.


The full Moon is bringing your career and public image into full view, dear Pisces, inviting you to take a bow and receive the recognition you deserve. The moon illuminates your 10th house, encouraging you to explore new ways of sharing your talents and making a meaningful contribution to the world. As Venus and Jupiter move into your 4th house, the planets call you to create a nurturing and harmonious home environment. Early in June, Venus joins the Sun in your 4th house.

Together they give the image of a deep, much-needed hug, encouraging you to prioritize self-care and emotional nourishment. Mercury’s sextile to Saturn, currently in your sign, wants to clean up your social networks. This should give you a few options for learning something new. Take the leap, you’ll find that you harvest more than you expect. This is a great time for writing. Or if you are in any trade that focuses on language and copywriting, amending the ways in which you communicate.

Story by Wade Caves

Wade Caves, based in Brooklyn, NY, is an astrological consultant and educator specializing in problem-solving applications of astrology. He teaches astrological divination and astronomy at the School of Traditional Astrology. Wade also publishes his work on world astrology through Skyscript’s In Mundo publishing desk and hosts the World Astrology Summit, a conference dedicated to the advancement of astrology for global problem-solving. Website: Email:

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