Your 2024 Astrological New Year Horoscope

The Moon will be waxing in Leo at the moment of the 2024 spring equinox on March 19 at 11:07 p.m., EDT when the Sun enters the first degree of Aries. Which also marks the start of the Astrological New Year, both in fire signs and in close contact with Pluto in the early degrees of the fixed air sign Aquarius. Like air feeds fire, our thoughts fuel our actions.

Healing Cultural Wounds

This planetary combination at the moment of the equinox initiates a season focused on our relationships to unhinged power structures and the more precarious aspects of the hive mind. The Moon in Leo asks us to think with our hearts as Pluto in Aquarius reveals ideologies buried deep within our collective dreams that have decomposed. God of war and protection Mars, who guides the Sun’s ingress into Aries, is transiting the final degrees of headstrong Aquarius without contact to any other planet at this moment and is therefore unpredictable in its objectives.

Air and fire signs tend to operate with less emotion but instead are interested in the ignition and dissemination of pioneering luminous thought, apart from the ponderous concerns of material reality. This configuration is calculating and action-oriented, moving through generations of inert subterranean societal agendas, resolving gut-wrenching truths about the state of the world. Provocative as well, the Moon, Sun, and Pluto in contact has the potential to expose profound cultural wounds that are difficult to digest while pollinating worthwhile growth and systems rooted in compassion.

Change and Action

The following aspect the Moon will make is with beneficent Jupiter, who, with significance, joins Uranus for the first time since 2011 in the fixed earth sign Taurus. A catalyst for upset and dynamic change, Uranus tests Jupiter’s call to believe and to prosper. This configuration could herald no turning back breakthroughs in the stability of the green earth beneath our feet or the hubris which runs through the erratic discourse of its condition. Taurus represented by the bull is one of the most ancient signs of the zodiac and stems from a time when humans domesticated and siphoned the tireless strength of the bull to advance the productivity of agriculture. Earth and civilization was a different story at that time. Taurus is the land and Uranus is epiphany.

The conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus could illuminate real consequences of the extraction of earth-born resources and our collective labor pains in the seemingly insurmountable consensus on productivity levels. Enough appears to never be enough. At a time when our needs and wants, justified or not, have outweighed our ability to responsibly procure and sustainably manufacture them, this conjunction of planetary titans is yet another reminder that the material world inherently holds restraint respectably.


As the Sun enters Aries in your first house of the body and mind, Mars, your planetary guide, is in the final degrees of Aquarius in your eleventh house of camaraderie, hopes, and affiliations. You recently entered a space, possibly a job, committee or circle of friends where a subtle but considerable shift in power dynamics has become a discomfort for your sense of sovereignty. You may feel bound to a cause or ideal approach to life that is at odds with some of those around you. This tension is not necessarily futile as it leads you to further interrogate your ethics within group settings.

Mercury in Aries is transiting your first house, guiding your style of communication. At this time your communication is idiosyncratic and interested in voicing systems of freedom. You possess a confidence level with your ideas here that has the ability to catch the collective wind like a sail. But, first you must find your distinct way of making the abstract and uncharted a place for others to enter as well. This is a cerebral tightrope to walk that could leave you breaking new ground in relationships and community or distancing yourself from herd mentality.


Spring will be a time of clarifying your expectations for your plans in the near future. Venus, your planetary guide is well positioned in Pisces in your eleventh house of goals, ambition, and triumphs. Close by, Saturn who influences your visibility and recognition, is also in Pisces where it asks you to ponder the boundaries between the imaginary and the real, particularly in the realms of work and career. Venus and Saturn together in the eleventh house can create crooked visions of what is truly possible right now for yourself but also for others.

Venus says “yes please” and desires to do it all. But Saturn is prohibitive and adverse to the emotional chaos of Piscean possibilities. Be aware also of the tendency to become self-sacrificing at any cost in the pursuit of your vocation. This could be a possible drain on yours and others’ well-being. Venus is applying to a favorable aspect with life-giving Jupiter in your first house of the self, implying that no matter what you are toiling for right now chances are you have already been blessed with enough to work with. Trust that plenty is already enough.


Mercury, your planetary guide will spend an elongated amount of time ruminating in Aries this spring due to its retrograde in that sign April 1 through 25. Mercury has heightened charisma and curiosity in fire sign Aries rousing willful and arbitrary experimentation regarding your philosophical worldview specifically at the inception of spring. Saturn in Pisces in your tenth house, where your talents shine, shares a special hidden aspect with Mercury where issues regarding where you see yourself in a place of visibility or significance can feel like an awkward initiation right now.

You’re reconsidering where you connect socially as well and where your gifts would be shared most effectively within an environment that shares symmetrical values. Perhaps tune into this Mercury retrograde, releasing wilting social distractions and shedding expired dreams which can instead be innovatively recycled. Make way for new opportunities by the first week of June when an influential new Moon in Gemini will reset a new and dynamic sense of identity and purpose. But it may require kissing a few frogs along the way.


As the Sun enters Aries in your tenth house of destiny at the spring equinox, the Moon, your planetary guide, has recently entered Leo in your second house of substance. In a separating benevolent aspect, the Moon and Sun have just made contact that speaks of a generous outflow of life-force and expression in a direct and clear manner. The atmosphere is warm within the beginning of spring for sharing your warm-hearted vulnerability. The Moon is transiting a portion of Leo in accord with open-handed Jupiter, who ensures a grand appetite for life and abundant resources, especially in the pursuit of showmanship and visibility in a vocation or career.

Simultaneously, the Moon opposes Pluto in your eighth house of doubt. There is a great opportunity in your astrology this spring to bring to fruition a message or enterprise you have developed by tapping your deepest and most delicate roots. A place where fragments of your endangered self has fortified into a source of sustenance and beauty. It will be received graciously as a gift of service to others and coincide as a source of profound healing within yourself as well.


This spring marks approximately the halfway point in the ongoing eclipse cycle in your third house of subjective practical matters and ninth house of pursuing wisdom. Just past the equinox on March 25, there will be a penumbral lunar eclipse in Libra in your third house. Here you’re processing the unraveling of rapid cerebral adaptation, daily upkeep, and running on unconditional momentum. Venus who guides your third house is exalted in Pisces tethered close to leaden Saturn in your eighth house where both planets stew in the gravitational intoxication that can arise in disenchantment. Or when holding onto discomforts within relationships and the work you do may feel less daunting than questioning and reframing the bigger picture.

The total solar eclipse on April 8 will occur in your ninth house seeking perspective through frank but clarifying discussions with a friend or trusted colleague. This insight offers sound advice that perhaps cuts deep but steers you through undermining preoccupations where you no longer see the forest for the trees. This eclipse cycle, ongoing through spring 2025 will broaden shortsighted contentment with the breadth of an eagle’s eye.


Mutable earth sign Virgo adapts to changing circumstances with discernment and yearns for practical outcomes. But as an earth sign guided by cerebral Mercury, Virgo is also somewhat reluctantly adept with the intricacies and complications implicit in natural time and organic processes. Mercury will be retrograde April 1 to 25 in your eighth house of trial and tribulations, where issues of personal income and shared expenses with either a partner or family member enter a state of consideration.

You may be questioning whether your current income can sustain the never-ending whims and needs of the ideal meaning of home, a possible source of stress this spring and something to prioritize by adjusting your expectations short and long term. Reconsider the ebb and flow of income streams if needed. Concurrently you may be dealing with shared resources that involve partnerships or family members where feelings of resentment may easily arise. It will be important this spring to remember that your concept of reality is as complex as others and their perspective may be as justified and true.


You’re approximately halfway through a cycle of eclipses in Aries and Libra in your first house of self and seventh house of others. This is a zodiacal axis that, among many things, is concerned with freedom, compromise, and how it all looks. Eclipses reveal and conceal things. The full Moon in Libra during the eclipse on March 25 will briefly be darkened by the shadow of Earth, marking a culmination in the releasing process of appropriateness and appearances for the sake of reputation. It may also make known emotional dependencies on recognition received from authority figures, a decent paycheck, or a job well done.

Recognition is a powerful aphrodisiac but this set of eclipses lasting through spring of 2025 will rid you of conventional notions of expectations from colleagues and numbing social norms. With respect but without courtesy or compromise, the freedom you are sizing into is so raw that you may struggle or even fear coming to terms with its complete but untidy potential. This unfolding of a naked and accountable-to-nobody-but-one’s-self can feel like swimming upstream, which is the great paradox of this process because, ultimately, you’re becoming someone you remember quite well.


Imagine what your living space would be if it most accurately reflected the inner workings of your brain. As spring arrives, Mars, your planetary guide, and Pluto, god of imminent change, are transiting Aquarius in your fourth house of home, land, and family matters. Mars in these final degrees of Aquarius is peregrine, not in contact with other planets and therefore impressionable but prepared to abandon previously held ideals of a particular lifestyle. Left to their own devices, peregrine planets must make it up and find a way. This may stir feelings of disillusionment regarding the foundational grounds of your life at this time. Primarily, the state of your home and family life which may feel unresolved and out of tune.

This spring may involve letting go of or adjusting to a new lifestyle or living situation that affords you the flexibility to lead a more fluid and creative existence apart from tradition and keeping up with the Joneses. This living situation may appear and operate more like your working brain where the elements of home wire very specifically. Make home a multitasking nerve center that adapts easily and comfortably to your changing needs and aesthetic whims.


Spring begins with a friendly aspect between your planetary guide Jupiter in Taurus in your sixth house of struggle and Venus and Saturn in Pisces in your fourth house of origin, family, and a sense of home. Jupiter has been transiting your sixth house since May 2023 where you’ve been chopping wood and carrying water while making ends meet in work and friendships. As Jupiter makes contact with Venus and Saturn in your fourth house you may feel a sort of homesickness for creature comforts but you are uncertain of where that sense of home and family lands. Especially if you’ve moved away for a job or greener pastures.

A sudden change in the way you endure work-related stress will come when Jupiter joins Uranus marking a threshold in your relationship to work, home and family, chosen or otherwise. Follow that desire to show up for family, friends, and your basic survival needs. Consider adopting a pet from the shelter if that has ever crossed your mind. Open up to companionship that weaves a holistic cloth of resilience to any paradigm but your own. By the time Jupiter awkwardly enters Gemini on May 25 in your seventh house of relationships, you’ll no longer feel like you’re going at it alone.


This spring, you may be learning through tough love how to define elastic but firm boundaries within yourself. Venus, goddess of love, is about to join Saturn in Pisces where subdued conversations with siblings, children, or partners may address topics of their undermining roles and habits in your life. Well-resourced in Pisces and applying to a benefic connection with generous Jupiter in Taurus, there exists a wide emotional range on both parts that makes receiving each other’s honesty a great possibility.

Jupiter is in reach of a conjunction with shattering Uranus who offer catharsis, exposing secrets and sore spots that were once unapproachable but as a huge relief feel now reconcilable and grounded in mutual understanding. There is a residue here of issues within family and partnerships that are complicated to unpack, like psychic and behavioral heirlooms inherited and then subsumed by appropriateness, patriarchy, and the institutions of religion and marriage. This spring will feel like a sea change in your relationship with people close to you and it won’t come without the fear of deep emotions and sympathy. It is a ponderous time for profoundly healing discussions that offer remediation and conflict resolved within a celestially supportive atmosphere.


The second house in astrology is one of the places we can have our needs met with economic stability, nutrition, and born talents. The fourth house of property is another place where our needs can be met but it is more environmental; where we’re able to rest, regulate, and enjoy a level of comfort ideally sheltered from the inhibiting effects of cold, heat, and moisture. Venus who guides your sense of home is noble in Pisces and about to join frugal Saturn in your second house of resources where you may become more conscientious of where in life you tend to short-change yourself. In turn, limiting your possibilities of reasonable growth.

Since 2018, Uranus has been transiting your fourth house of home and lifestyle where the reality of a steady living or family-like situation has been under seismic shifts in condition or location. Linking the second-house topics of sustenance and fourth-house topics of a solid roof above your head, an accommodating aspect is forming between Venus and Saturn with Jupiter and Uranus. This cohort of planets offer an opportunity for stabilizing ongoing turbulence of home matters but ask that you come wholeheartedly clear about the financial circumstances necessary to make that life-changing possibility a reality.


Venus, who guides your idling fears and attachment to others, is exalted in Pisces in your first house of self where you are feeling empowered to reconcile the beliefs and ideals of how you embrace friendships and love. As a mutable water sign, at this time your emotional range is further amplified by a communicative aspect Venus is making to your planetary guide Jupiter in your third house where you’re considering the stories, and fantasies, you tell yourself about love.

Pay attention to the undermining overwhelm your fickle fascination with other people’s business can bear on valuable mental real estate. As a sign ruled by generous Jupiter, your tendency can be to make space for everyone’s business whether they have asked for it or not. Venus is applying to the conjunction of Saturn, also in Pisces since March 2023, in your first house where defining a new sense of autonomy has been on the top of your mind. Saturn in Pisces comes with expected slips and falls along the way. But, fresh routines in and separate from career have given you a boost of confidence where you’re focused on how you interface with your own reality less the voices of others in your head.

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Story and Illustration by Shane Powers, Enon Valley Astrology

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