The Magical Natural World of Thailand

Photographer Matt Dayak shares his recent (and magical) immersion in the natural world of Thailand.

There is something exhilarating about exploring the other side of the planet. Experiencing the different cultures and meeting the local people is what traveling is all about.

Hundreds of spectacular limestone Karsts protrude from the water of Cheow Lan Lake. Spanning over 71 square miles, it is surrounded by vibrant green rainforest.

The cities of Thailand were incredible, obviously filled with exquisite food, beautiful temples, spectacular markets, streets bustling with tuk-tuks, and so much more. For me, however, some the most remarkable moments were spent immersed in the nature of Thailand.

Hiking as multiple species of monkeys swing in the trees around you. Sharing the same forest with wild elephants.

Two people sit in a pink kayak in the middle of turquoise water.
Cheow Lan lake was so special that I could feel it in my bones. Swimming and kayaking on beautiful turquoise water with depths of up to 300 feet was absolutely magical.

Swimming and kayaking on the bluest water of Cheow Lan Lake as Great Hornbills fly overhead. At times, I felt as if I was on another planet whose unbelievable landscapes were unlike anything I had ever experienced.

Story and Photograph by Matt Dayak

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