The Best Girl Scout Cookie Wine Pairings

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year: Girl Scout cookie season! Ignore all those other cookie and wine articles you’ve seen lately; dry wines have no place in these pairings.

The Best Girl Scout Cookie Wine Pairings


A Pedro Ximénez sherry is just the thing for these brownie-like bites. The wine’s chocolaty profile with hints of caramel and dried figs and dates are just what you need to power up this pairing.


An off-dry Riesling will do the trick to offer lemony loveliness to complement the citrusy cheer of these crisp cookies. The Finger Lakes of New York offers a whole host of options for you to enjoy.


The butteriness of shortbread is a masterful match for sweet sparkling wines made in the traditional method (e.g., Champagne and Crémant from various regions in France). Look for the words “demi-sec” or “extra dry” on the label to ensure you’re getting a sweet sparkler — avoid anything with “brut” on the label, as those will be dry.


You might have heard of a straw hat, but what about straw wine? Grapes are left to dry for a few weeks to leave behind sugary concentrate, and Mullineux’s iteration from South Africa would be a delight with do-si-dos thanks to its marmalade-like flavors that are perfect for peanut buttery perfection.


Samoas and Sauternes: a match made in heaven. It’s hard to argue against the luscious sweetness of the wine that doles out dried tropical fruits like pineapple and coconut to accompany the toasty, caramel-rich decadence of these cookies.


Oloroso sherry is often overlooked, but it’s the perfect partner for Tagalongs thanks to its flavors of spice, dried fruits, and a nifty nuttiness that is highly complementary to this cookie.

Thin Mints

Ruby Port, with its flavors of sweet black and red berries, as well as a kiss of leafy mint, earns its place at the table while snacking on these snappy sensations. If you’re feeling fancy, look for a Late Bottled Vintage — a significant step up in quality that won’t break the bank!

GS S’More

A sweet sparkling red by the name of Brachetto d’Acqui, with its fabulous floral and fresh strawberry notes, takes this pairing to a whole new level. It’s like enjoying a berry coulis with your s’mores, only far more decadent.


Toffee and tawny port are a tried and true combination for the senses. This style of port differs from the others and offers flavors of caramel, nut brittle, and dried fruits to take this treat to new heights.

Story by Adam Knoerzer

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