Stroopwafel Flip is the cocktail we imagine Kris Kringle would enjoy after his whirlwind toy delivery around the globe. Can’t you hear Mrs. Claus greeting him with a glass in her hand upon his return: “I’ll bet you need your flip now dear, don’t you?”

We’ve been having a little fun creating cocktails inspired by some of our favorite Christmas films and tv specials. This Dutch-influenced quaff came to us because of the Sinterklaasje song Kris Kringle chants to a little Dutch girl early on in Miracle on 34th Street.  This holiday classic makes our watch list every year, perhaps because of its heartwarming message that reminds us, goodness exists in the world if you simply…believe, just like the character played by the very young Natalie Wood learns to.

Stroopwafel Flip Recipe, Inspired by Miracle on 34th Street


1.5 oz Bourbon
.5 oz heavy cream
.5 oz cold brew coffee
1 whole egg
.5 oz caramel syrup
Crushed waffle cone and extra caramel syrup for rim


1. Coat rim of your favorite glass in caramel syrup & dip into crushed waffle cone pieces
2. Combine bourbon, heavy cream, cold brew, caramel syrup, and egg white + yolk in a cocktail shaker
3. Dry shake (without ice) for 20 seconds
4. Add ice and shake an additional 20 seconds
5. Double strain into your wafel rimmed glass
6. Enjoy!

With a little forethought, you could make Caramel Apple Rice Pudding to enjoy with your cocktail while you enjoy this classic movie.

Recipe by Zack Durkin / Photography by Laura Petrilla / Story by Star Laliberte

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