Santa Fe Pizza Primer: Part 1

Nobody is unhappy while they are eating pizza. Lucky for us, Santa Fe has become quite the pizza town, and if you look closely, some of the best local food is coming at you from inside a pizza box. Here’s a less-than-exhaustive list, part one, of some pizza you should enjoy tonight (or whenever) with some local suds.

Pizza Centro

Some of the best New York Style pies can be found at Pizza Centro.

New York-style pizza is always in season. A thin and foldable slice is ideal for kicking it at home or anywhere else! Pizza Centro does a lot of things well when it comes to pizza, but it excels when it puts on the heat. We recommend their specialty pie, Hell’s Kitchen, made with sausage, flash-fried eggplant, green chile, jalapeno, roasted red pepper, feta, marinara, and whole milk mozzarella. Enjoy with a Happy Camper IPA from Santa Fe Brewing.

Back Road Pizza

Cornmeal rolled crust is the game changer at Back Road Pizza.

You would be pressed not to find a refrigerator in Santa Fe without red frequent-customer magnets from Back Road Pizza. Their thin crust rolled in cornmeal adds texture and a lovely finish to each bite of their pies. Their commitment to sourcing the best locally sourced ingredients pays big, especially when they keep it simple, like their New Mexican pizza with pepperoni, green chile, and red onion. Down it with Boneshaker Bitter from Second Street Brewery.

Bruno’s Pizza

A slice of Bruno’s and a brew will cure anything that ails you.

If five generations of the same family have been making pizza from recipes passed down, it’s probably worth the visit. And if they happen to be working out of a food truck, then you have no excuse. Bruno’s Pizza knocks it out of the parking lot with their Bootlegger pie: Bruno’s style sauce on top.IPA infused crust, Mozzarella, Diavolo red sauce, salami, roasted garlic, sauteed onion, and vodka sauce. Extinguish it with La Cumbre, Beer, Lager

Tender Fire Kitchen

It’s all about the details at Tender Fire.

There are so many right things about Tender Fire Kitchen. The attention to detail in their locally sourced ingredients, naturally leavened dough, vegan and gluten-free menu items…all aggregate into killer pizzas that are meant to be savored and shared. Kick it with their vegetarian special, which includes nettles soaked in cream, mozzarella, fontina, garlic, crushed red pepper, and extra virgin olive oil. Enjoy with a hibiscus honey brew from Leaf & Hive.

Lino’s Trattoria and Pizzeria

Go old school at Lino’s.

If you can make a French omelet, chances are good that you know your way around a kitchen. If you make a delicious Margherita pizza with the basics: tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, and basil, chances are that the rest of your menu is equally delicious. Lino’s Trattoria and Pizzeria’s proof of concept is in its pie. Simply executed and best enjoyed with a Pinche Guey IPA from their Chili Line Brewery.

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