Green Goddess Egg Salad

It’s not officially springtime until egg salad graces your lunch or dinner table. And although you may remember egg salad sandwiches as an afternoon childhood snack, there’s a lot more to this simple yet creamy and delicious dish.

Green Goddess Egg Salad Recipe


6 hard-boiled eggs, peeled
¼ cup mayonnaise
1 tbsp Dijon mustard
1 tsp fresh parsley, chopped
1 tbsp fresh dill, chopped
1 tbsp fresh chives, chopped
Salt and pepper, to taste


  1. Rough-chop eggs and place in a bowl.
  2. Mix with other ingredients until herbs are mixed in and the yolks start to mix in with the mayonnaise and Dijon.
  3. Serve on Green Goddess Egg Salad on a bed of sprouts and thinly sliced radishes.

Try another way to use your hard boiled eggs with our Deviled Eggs with Caviar.

Recipe and styling by Anna Franklin ⁠/ Photography by Dave Bryce

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