Farm to Table, Buy Local Farmers Market Guide 2022


Looking for the Farm to Table, Buy Local Farmers Market Guide? Farm to Table Buy Local is a 501c3 non profit that connects people to local farms and community gardens. We provide a myriad of programming to promote real, fresh, local food, including food deliveries, garden education classes, and helping people access food assistance programs. We work in schools, community centers, affordable housing, and child care centers. The Heinz Endowments has supported our mission through grant awards since 2018.

Welcome to the 2022 Farm to Table, Buy Local Farmers Market Guide! We’ve partnered with TABLE Magazine to publish this extensive list of CSAs, farms, farmers markets, retailers, u-pick farms, butchers, dairies that are located throughout the Western Pennsylvania region. The abundance of agricultural producers in Western Pennsylvania allows us to eat local all year round. More importantly, buying direct from local farms and food producers strengthens our local food system.

I love the feeling of driving around a corner and seeing a farmers market or farm store. I usually stop by to shop. Whether I’m at home in Pittsburgh or working throughout Western Pennsylvania, I can always count on finding some delicious food. I take these opportunities to stock up on our family’s favorite local foods: milk, butter, yogurt, eggs, cheese, baked goods, oatmeal, flour, honey, maple syrup, fruits, vegetables, meat, herbs and even beans. It’s a completely different shopping experience. You can smell the freshness of the food, sometimes see the fields where the food was grown and talk to the people who planted the seeds, tended the crops, fed the animals or tapped the trees.

CSA Subscriptions

Another way to buy local is to subscribe to a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). There are many types of farms and local businesses that deliver to your neighborhood, or even direct to your home. I subscribe to a few throughout the year and I love to teach my kids what’s in season. Most farms offer customizable shares to cater to dietary needs and household sizes.

Helping Low Income Households Access Fresh Food

Many farms and farmers markets accept SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits, WIC (Women-Infant-Children) vouchers, farmers market nutrition vouchers and other programs to help low income households access fresh food. Non profits in the region help consumers connect to these programs.

Growing a garden is the closest thing to free food that you can get! Even a container of basil or mint growing on your windowsill can provide nourishment, beauty and a connection to nature. Community gardens are located throughout our region. Some are extending the harvest by adding greenhouses, hoop houses, solar energy and more.

Visit Farm to Table, Buy Local for more information about our upcoming programs.

Warm Regards,

Erin Hart

Executive Director

Farm to Table Buy Local


National Farmers’ Market Week 2022 – August 7-13


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