DIY Infused Liquors

There’s one in every crowd. You know who we’re talking about. The person who seems to have everything. The one that’s totally impossible to shop for. They could be a member of the family, someone in your circle of friends, a co-worker. But there they are. ‘Tis the season for staying in everyone’s good graces, so why not gift something that’ll keep ‘em warm and fuzzy no matter how long the winter season lingers? Enter DIY Infused Liquors.

Creating your own curated collection of infused liquors is easy. While the result is so visually compelling that it can’t help but bump you up in the pecking order of the last will and testament, most steeping ingredients require a minimum of only 36 hours to do their thing, though flavors improve and intensify over time. 

The biggest part of the job is curating your flavors. Take a cue from the chilly weather to craft warming combinations of vodka infused with things savory and sweet: pears and cinnamon, fig and fennel, orange-peppermint, vanilla-ginger, or thyme-jalapeño. You might also try espresso beans and whiskey, or dark rum and a long curl of grapefruit zest.

Mason jars reign supreme as the ultimate vessel to contain your concoction, but don’t shy away from vintage seltzer bottles or a swing top, either. Just make sure it’s clear glass that will show off the goods inside. 

Finally, keep your gift tags simple so as not to compete with what’s inside, hand-stamping them or enlisting the aid of someone with calligraphy-inspired penmanship if your own tends to be more scrawl than script.

Story by Kate Benz / Concept and styling by Quelcy Kogel / Photography by Erin Kelly
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