Carrot Bolognese

Get a healthy taste of Italy with this delicious Carrot Bolognese. A very hearty take on a comfort classic by Chef Curtis Gamble from Station. Packed with nutrients and flavor, it’s perfect for any meal. This recipe makes a 6-quart instant pot worth and freezes incredibly well. Make a full batch!

Carrot Bolognese Recipe


1800 grams rough cut carrots, peeled
1 oz basil leaves
50 grams small diced celery100 grams small dice Spanish onions
100 grams of chopped garlic
400 g soybean paste
6 oz tomato paste
10 gams Lucknow fennel seed, toasted and ground
20 grams of coriander seeds, toasted and ground
10 grams green zaatar
2 qt water
2 qt carrot juice
1 brick of Beemster XO
Salt, black pepper, and sherry vinegar to taste


  1. In the instant pot on the saute setting, sweet your celery and Spanish onions in 2 tablespoons of canola oil. Once translucent, add garlic and basil and sweet.
  2. Add the fennel seed, coriander seed, and green zaatar and toast lightly.
  3. Add the tomato paste and cook until bright red, do not caramelize! Add the soybean paste and stir to combine.
  4. Add carrots, water, and carrot juice, and pressure cook on high for 20 min. Once cooked, release pressure and ladle off a quart of liquid. With a hand blender, pulse the mix until it breaks it down into a chunky mixture. Don’t over-mix, or you’ll end up with something closer to baby food.
  5. To serve, use the warm bolognese mix to dress your favorite cooked noodles and season with salt, pepper, butter, and sherry vinegar. Top with beemster XO and more black pepper.

Story and Styling by Keith Recker / Food and Recipe by Chef Curtis Gamble, Station / Photography by Dave Bryce

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