Allegheny County’s 2023 Holiday Laser Show at North Park

Are you looking to spice up the spirit this holiday season? Look no further than Allegheny County’s 2023 Holiday Laser Show at North Park!

Since 2020, Allegheny County has been creating this family-friendly, fan-favorite holiday experience every year with their Holiday Laser Show. From the comfort of your own car, the whole family can enjoy a dazzling, magical spectacle at North Park.

Rear view of a family watching a laser light show.

This gorgeous, one-of-a-kind display of multicolored lasers is illuminated in the skies above the North Park Wave Pool to create a brilliant array of beautiful, colorful lights. This luminous, vibrant display is festive and holiday-themed, accompanied by festive tunes to keep the holiday spirit alive all throughout December. The holiday music is broadcast through the radio station in your car. The synchronization between the laser display and holiday music creates an awe-inspiring sonic and visual spectacle!

Here’s how it works: There will be multiple dates to choose from, with multiple sessions to select within each date. Each session features a 40-minute-long laser show experience. Once you determine which session you would like to attend, your ticket will be available to purchase through the Allegheny County website. Upon arrival at the North Park Swimming Pool parking lot, before the show begins, you will be greeted and asked to present your ticket. Please be sure to have your digital ticket ready, either via mobile phone or printed out, to be presented to the attendant. Your ticket will be scanned, and you will proceed along one of the car lanes that you will be directed to drive toward.

A rear view of people watching a laser light show.

Your car will then be directed to a parking spot, where it will remain for the entirety of the show. All you have to do at this point is stay parked and wait for the magic to begin! Be sure to tune into the specific radio station that is broadcasting the laser show’s soundtrack and overall music experience. Since your car will remain stationary, all passengers within your car should direct their attention to the sky above the North Park Swimming Pool entrance building whenever the show begins. Multiple fog machines will emit smoky clouds into the winter air which will enhance the lasers’ visibility and make for a beautiful and exciting array of visuals across the night sky! Throughout the length of the show, the lasers and music combine to create a one-of-a-kind spectacle that celebrates the magic of the holiday season. Various patterns and colors of laser formations are projected into the sky along with synchronized music and special characters to bring the show to life. Allegheny County’s 2023 Holiday Laser Show is jam-packed with magical music, beautiful displays of multicolored lights, and endless amounts of holiday cheer. Be sure to purchase a ticket today so you won’t miss out on a one-of-a-kind holiday experience for the whole family!

Purchase tickets online at

Story and Photography by Allegheny County

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