Pickle lovers rejoice! It’s National Pickle Week and we’re brining up eight recipes guaranteed to satisfy all your pickle cravings. A pickle is technically considered anything that goes through the pickling process. Thus, our recipes focus on more than just your basic cucumber pickle. Bite into savory dishes that combine pickled ingredients, like beets, with tender protein choices. Or, even sip on a cocktail highlighting the ingredients that make pickles so addictive. No matter what way you choose to celebrate, we’re here to make sure pickles take over every section of your plate. 

Pickled Asparagus

An overhead photo of an oval dish with pickled asparagus spears, a glove of garlic, and a bay leaf, on a black surface with sprinkled salt.

While roasting and sautéing are delicious ways to eat asparagus, pickling it not only adds an extra layer of nutrients but also produces a very satisfying, tangy and refreshing flavor. You’ll gain plenty of antioxidants, probiotics, and fiber from this small dish. Plus, Pickled Asparagus is also an aphrodisiac, so get ready to feel the love.  

Dill Pickle and Crispy Smashed Potato Salad

A white plate is slathered in a crispy potato salad with dill pickles and a small plate to the bottom right holds a smaller portion.

With summer on the horizon, potato salad is one of the top picnic and lunch foods for when you’re basking in the sun. Shake things up with a Dill Pickle and Crispy Smashed Potato Salad, a blend of textures and a touch of acidity. We recommend serving this dish warm but you can also chill it to enjoy at a later date.

Pickled Veggie Salad with Mustard Dressing

A pickled vegetable salad plated on white plates with silverwear.

Bite into a crunchy mix of pickled beets, grapefruit, red onion, fennel, and apricots. Our Pickled Veggie Salad is full of all things good for you along with a savory Mustard Dressing. Say goodbye to disliking pickled vegetables and say hello to a dish that’s flavorful and good for you too. 

Pickled Ramps

A yellow plate holds small potatoes with Pickled Ramps on top, a spritz drink to the left, and flowers behind the plate.


Spring is the time for ramps so it aligns perfectly that National Pickle Week is in May. Pickled Ramps balance out the sharp bite of wild ramps with a tangy pickling liquid. Serve these garlicky masterpieces beside roasted meats, on top of salads, or in rice pilafs to up your texture game. 

Lamb Neck with Pickled Quinces

Two lamb shanks sit in an off-white bowl.

Quinces kind of look like pears but hold a much tarter taste. We start this dish by browning lamb shanks in a blend of spices for a tender, juicy end-product. Then, you add the Pickled Quinces to the Lamb Neck which perfects the flavor profile with a slightly-bitter surprise. 

Sticky Eggplant with Pickled Garlic Blossoms

A brown plate of sticky eggplant with pickled garlic blossoms throughout as a big fork sits over top of the bowl.

Sautéed eggplant is a wonder on its own but with the addition of Pickled Garlic Blossoms, it may just become your new favorite snack. Pickled Garlic Blossoms are simple to make: a little bit of patience and certainly go a long way. We pair them with Southeast Asian-inspired Sticky Eggplant that’s a little hot, a little sweet, and oh so delicious. 

Pickled Radish Martini

Pickled Radish Martini sits in a martini glass, light pink in color, with a lemon peel and radish acting as a garnish.

Shake up a cocktail that combines all the things you love about pickling with the sharp ting of radishes. Our Pickled Radish Martini uses Boyd & Blair Cucumber Vodka, your favorite dry vermouth, radish pickling liquid, and flaky sea salt to bring all the elements together. It may not be your traditional martini but this innovative take is worth the taste. 

Story by Kylie Thomas

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