8 Must-Have Accessories For Your Home Bar Setup

When you have a group of guests over, it’s always polite to serve a tasty drink to get the conversations flowing. Get your home bar prepared for the holiday season with accessories that’ll take your mixology to a master’s level. Whether it’s a tool that makes opening wine easier or a set of glasses that express your style, these helpful products are game changers. At the end of the day, your bar is a representation of who you are, what you like, and how you share all of the above with friends and family.

Coravin Wine Preservation System

A wine preservation kit in the colors black and silver against a white background.
Photo courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

I know, there’s no such thing as leftover wine. However, if you’re collecting vintages and want to test them throughout the aging process or just want to have a glass of ‘nice’ red, when your partner prefers white, this a tool for you. The Coravin wine system pierces a small needle through the cork, extracts the wine, and replaces the space with gas, leaving your bottle almost untouched. A must for any wine lover!

Zwilling Wine Stainless Steel Wine Vacuum Pump

A wine vacuum pump that saves an open bottle of wine in the color silver against a white background.
Photo courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

If you’re not ready for the Coravin wine extraction tool mentioned above, this Henckles Wine Pump is a great starter kit. This will keep a bottle of wine fresh through the week by pressurizing it after opening. Perfect if you want to stretch the life of an open bottle through the week, or maybe even two

W&P Cocktail Ice Tray Set: Petal + Crystal

Two cocktail glasses sit on a marble table with fancy square and circle-cut ice cubes in the drink and beside them for a home bar.
Photo courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

They say you eat with your eyes first, so I suppose it’s safe to say you drink with them first too. Elevate your home cocktails with stunning ice cubes that are not only utilitarian, but also beautiful. A large cube in your glass melts slower, reducing the dilution of your drink, while keeping it cold. These petal crystal round cubes will heighten the elegance of your cocktails while providing the perfectly chilled sip.

Le Creuset Wine Tool and Stopper Set

A wine tool and stopper for a home bar lay on a marble table next to a wine cork.
Photo courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

Properly uncorking a wine bottle takes practice and technique. You don’t want to damage the cork, which can be brittle — especially with an older vintage. A quality corkscrew is essential to any home and this Le Creuset Wine Tool and Stopper Set will let your guests know you mean business in Bordeaux.

Fornasetti Tema E Variazioni N.398 Coaster

A home bar coaster with a woman's nose and bright red painted lips sits on a white background.
Photo courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

Every good cocktail party starts out with the use of the coaster, even if it doesn’t end with one. Add some personality to your bar with a bold coaster – these iconic “Boca” coasters are a great way to add some splash. Designed by 20th century Italian design icon, Piero Fornasetti.

LSA Gems 4-Piece Assorted Wine Glass Set

A set of green opaque wine glasses perfect for a home bar sit on a brown dining table.
Photo courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

These LSA hand-colored wine glasses are a must-have to add some color to your bar. They are are made for wine but can be used for cocktails too. The opalescent finish adds a subtle yet stunning effect. Full disclosure, I already have these in my bar, but there are so many colors, that I might just add another set. Mix and match the colors!

Tina Chen Designs Inverted Picot Edge Cocktail Napkin 6-Piece Set

A variety of colored cocktail napkins for a home bar with one empty glass on a napkin.
Photo courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

Bob Sendall of All In Good Taste Productions once gave me a lesson in the linen cocktail napkin, and I’ll never see a paper one the same way. A simple way to add some panache to your event, plus it’s a much greener alternative than single-use paper.

Picnic Time Lazy Susan Bar Tool 12-Piece Set

A brown lazy susan filled with the drink supplies you need for a perfect home bar like a shaker and measuring cups.
Photo courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue

Start with the basics! Every home bar should have a quality set of core tools, and this bar set checks all the boxes, keeping you covered through any cocktail you dream up.

Use your new tools to make one of our festive Christmas Special Inspired Cocktails

Story by Justin Matase

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