6 Recipes for Leftover Easter Eggs

We’ve all been there. It’s the day after Easter and you still have two cartons of leftover hard-boiled Easter eggs in your fridge that you would hate to waste. You could eat each hard boiled egg one by one with salt on top (like you’ve probably been doing for the past weekend). Or, you could invent those eggs into an innovative dish that your family will actually enjoy eating. Think deviled eggs with updated flavors, springtime egg salad, and a few recipes from across the ocean. You’ll be glad the Easter bunny left you with enough eggs to try them all!

Chicken Tikka Deviled Eggs

A white plate holds an array of chicken tikka deviled eggs covered in an orange chili oil.

Deviled eggs are a go-to whenever you have leftover hard-boiled eggs, but why opt for the same flavor you always make? Our Chicken Tikka Deviled Eggs are an Indian-fusion of flavors. The eggs are pickled in spiced vinegar before getting drizzled in a homemade chili oil. 

Green Goddess Egg Salad

A green bowl holds a Green Goddess Egg Salad with dyed eggs to the right of the bowl.

Egg salad and springtime go together better than BBQ in the summertime. Try a Green Goddess Egg Salad inspired by the beloved Green Goddess dressing. It’s a fresh take with seasonal ingredients like chives, dill, and parsley from your local farmers market. 

Egg Masala Puffs

An aerial view of four Egg Masala Puffs on a grey plate with micro greens underneath.

Throughout bakeries in India, Egg Masala Puffs line the displays, inviting a bite that’s crispy and tender all at once. Masala spices coat buttery squares of puff pastry which cradle a perfectly cooked egg. Try it for breakfast alongside a hot cup of coffee or chai. 

Deviled Eggs with Caviar

a wooden board on a piece of white and gray marble on a wooden table with six deviled eggs topped with caviar and garnished with chives

Eggs and caviar: minimalist and simple, yet excellent. The caviar adds special nuances of rich, nutty, and salty flavors to a traditional Deviled Egg. Plus, if you’re seeing any family after Easter, these make amazing, elevated hand-held appetizers. 

Chorizo Scotch Eggs with Chimichurri

Chorizo Scotch Eggs with Chimichurri sits on a white plate surrounded by greenery.

The elusive scotch egg sounds intimidating, but when broken down, the recipe is easy to follow even for beginner cooks. Our Chorizo Scotch Eggs use a savory bed of chorizo to encase the egg. A homemade Chimichurri accompanies the fried delights for a kick of heat. 

Mother’s Day Deviled Eggs

A woman in a white dress and wide brim hat smiles and leans forward as she sprinkles paprika over deviled eggs.

If nothing else here tickles your egg-fancy, you can’t go wrong with a traditional deviled egg. Our Mother’s Day Deviled Eggs are classic and satisfying with a gorgeous wine pairing. Sink your teeth into the creamy filling of smashed egg yolks, mayo, and palate-pleasing spices inside a firm egg white. 

Story by Kylie Thomas

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