5 Simple Dessert Bar Recipes For Your Next Party or Gathering

Let’s talk bars. Not the ones with sticky floors or moody lighting and fancy cocktails. We mean the ones you eat, the sweet treats, the might be a cookie, might be a breakfast feast. Perfect for gatherings because they’re easy to make and even easier to transport, we’ve rounded up a selection of simple dessert bar recipes as we roll through the season of weddings, holidays, and parties.

S’mores Bars

These bar cookies are just what the doctor ordered for those chilly autumnal days when a s’more is what you’re craving, but you’re fresh out of campfires. All the delicious fun, with no damage to your hard palate. Whether you invite your brother-in-law who did your taxes last year is up to you.

Pecan Pie Bars

An aerial shot of four pecan pie bars sitting on a wire cooling rack.

No longer do you need a fork or even a plate, for that matter, to enjoy the flavors of a pecan pie. All you have to do is grab a bar and go! They’re sweet and sticky, caramelly and crunchy. The richness of these bars is not to be overlooked, but to be loved and rejoiced at every gathering they’re brought to!

Blueberry Bars

Any fruit of your choosing can be used in this delicious recipe that also includes vegan substitutions.

Whole Grain Sour Cherry Jam Shortbread Bars

An aerial shot of a valentines day dessert spread with reds, pinks, and Whole Grain Sour Cherry Jam Shortbread Bars in the shapes of hearts and L O V E.

Originally made for Valentine’s Day, this whole-grain jam shortbread bars recipe is a yummy sweet treat any time of year.

Gluten-Free, Vegan Jammy Blueberry Bars

Free of gluten, dairy, soy, and all of the top eight most common food allergens, the delicious results can be served as dessert, packed as a snack for on the go, or even eaten for a quick breakfast with vegan vanilla yogurt.

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