5 Recipes Using Espresso

Is your morning espresso routine feeling one-note? Let’s face it, even the most devoted caffeine fiend can get bored of the same old shot of espresso. But fear not, coffee lovers, we’re here to inject some serious flavor and energy into your life. Our five espresso recipes will help you unleash the hidden potential of that powerful little espresso machine and leave your taste buds itching for more. It’s time to ditch the plain black coffee and dive into a world of Mocha Truffles, Nespresso Affogatos, and Toasted Marshmallow Espresso Martinis.

Espresso Swirl Cheesecake

A cheecake with espresso swirl and chocolate feather garnishes sits on a wood table beside two plates with slices and nespresso pods.

Imagine one of your favorite desserts combined with the flavors of rich, decadent espresso. Our Espresso Swirl Cheesecake is made simple with the use of leftover Nespresso pod grounds. Bite into a homemade graham cracker crust and creamy, pillowy filling with a kick. We even include cheesecake baking tips so you can create a successful product regardless of your skill level.

Toasted Marshmallow Espresso Martini

Two Toasted Marshmallow Espresso Martinis in two glasses with Nespresso pods and a cocktail shaker nearby.

When the evening has settled and teh guests have gone, break out this Toasted Marshmallow Espresso Martini for a relaxing, nostalgia trip in a glass. We’re upgrading the classic espresso martini to include a toasted marshmallow simple syrup that you can use in other drinks as well. Top it all off with an actual roasted marshmallow and let yourself slip into the mindset of sitting by a campfire.

Nespresso Affogato

Two glasses of Nespresso Affogato with pizzelle garnishes in front of a Nespresso machine with a shot of espresso brewed beneath it.

Italy’s espresso, dessert infusion is getting made even simpler with our Nespresso Affogato. All it takes is a scoop of your favorite ice cream and quick brewing by Nespresso to have the perfect affogato in mere seconds. No more complicated instructions to receive that indulgence of hot and cold, bitter and sweet. Plus you can customize your recipe with different varieties of Nespresso pods.

Espresso Spritz

A cocktail glass is filled with a Espresso Spritz, garnished with an orange and sitting on a blue table surrounded by Nespresso pods.

When relaxing on a hot day, cool yourself down with our Espresso Spritz. This refreshing mixture of espresso and tonic can help you kickstart your day or give you an evening pick-me-up. Plus, the splash of fresh orange juice adds a citrusy touch that brings the espresso and tonic together. Or, you can experiment with your own favorite cocktail additions to modify the flavor.

Mocha Truffles

Two plates of mocha truffles coated in cocoa powder and nuts with nespresso pods and chocolate bars nearby.

Did you know Mocha Truffles can be a tasty, sugar-free treat to serve at your next gathering? The recipe engages simplicity too with just five ingredients being all your need and easy instructions. They’re also sure to relieve your sweet tooth when rolled in topping of unsweetened cocoa powder, chopped nuts, or freeze dried fruit.

Story by Kylie Thomas / Recipes and Styling by Anna Franklin / Photography by Dave Bryce

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