Your New Moon in Aquarius Horoscope: February 2024

Individualism versus connectivity

The new Moon will occur in Aquarius on February 9th, 2024 at 5:59 p.m. EST initiating a month suffused with the elemental qualities of air and earth. Air carries our thoughts, curiosity and intellect while earth supports the tangible formations and realities of our ideas. Guided by the hermit Saturn who governs Aquarius, the Moon and Sun at this conjunction is a union of opposites in a sign that questions our need for individualism among connectivity.

Techno futures

Mercury, magician of contradiction who is also transiting Aquarius, is fixed on a future that transcends the status quo. Intellectually, Aquarius upholds the righteous tenets of liberation, freedom, liberty and equality. Aquarius is our techno future as well, including transportation, computers, robots and not-so-smart phones. The Moon and Sun drop a cyborg seed at this moment as Pluto from the underworld has again entered the first degree of Aquarius. Realities of our muddling over technology as a proxy governing system, as our own teeters, has begun to grow arms, legs and a brain of its own. Hypnotized by its eerily stunning and rapid possibilities we must be aware of soon eating our own technological tails.

Indifference and helplessness are not options

Simultaneously as the Moon and Sun meet in Aquarius, willful Mars is passing through its exaltation degree at the 28th degree of Capricorn where our courage has the ability to grow under resistance. Unbending even under dire straits, Mars here in Capricorn is a life force that resiliently reaffirms and preserves itselfs. At the moment there is the collective pulse of losing ourselves in geopolitical chaos that like technology appears to have grown multiple dragon heads overnight. Wise Saturn, who guides Mars at this time is churning waking dreams in Pisces at this time fabricating delusions with hidden messages profound as a centuries old fairy tale. Mars in Capricorn wields irrevocable survival skills ensuring that indifference or the fear of helplessness is not an option. Resilient Mars at its exaltation degree argues patience and steadfastness that no folly of our human imagination can shudder.


The new Moon in Aquarius will take place in your eleventh house of colleagues and earnings gained from the fruits of your talents and aspirations. Your planetary guide Mars is transiting the final degrees of Capricorn. In this location and during this brief auspicious time it is granted maximum potency to motivate effectively in your tenth house of career and progress. If you hold any suspicion that you’re not well resourced to realize an ongoing project, sustain a job to the best of your capabilities. If financial outcomes feel precarious, this new moon cycle would be a significant time to renegotiate the situation with presence of mind. When Mars enters play-it-cool Aquarius on February 9th you may become aware of your or others’ avoidance regarding transparency with expectations versus the sustenance available to fulfill a collaborative objective.


You feel called to a purposeful mission while possessing a quiet power. It comes with a sense of obligation that is without a price, done with or without applause. As the Moon and Sun join in Aquarius in your tenth house of reputation and legacy, your planetary guide Venus is climbing the cliffs of earth sign Capricorn in your ninth house of royalty and sages. You’re used to working on the periphery of your chosen fields of passion while idolizing those who appear to easily hold authority and special talents. This month, seek to understand where you at times render yourself inadequate. Instead, shift your shape to avoid the awkward remorse of acquiring new heights. Notice where you flirt with power and those who hold it but shy away from owning that affirming voice within yourself.


The Moon and Sun in Aquarius will meet in your ninth house of big ideas and mystical wanderings. Here the new Moon is conscientiously untethered, fed by the discovery of odd and foreign concepts. Mercury, your guiding planet is transiting Aquarius in your ninth house as well who is adept at synthesizing intuition, abstraction and the intellect through cutting edge ideas.  This month you may keep a cool distance from the talking heads of gossip, know-it-alls and doom scrolling while intrigued by a depth of self knowledge that feels bizarre and borderline frightening. It questions who, what and where you quarry information, the limitations of your words and language, and it subverts and expands on meme culture and the status quo while remapping a worldview ahead of its time.


You’re sharp-witted. At times you take this for granted, assuming everyone has parsed out their thoughts as finely as yourself. Your planetary guide, the Moon will join the Sun in Aquarius in your eighth house of trials and tribulations. Mercury and Pluto are also present in your eighth house asking where you’ve inherited the manner of language you speak and where it may at times become an obstacle between yourself and others. The four planets here in Aquarius conjure a certain comfort level in the experience of intellectual exile that can become a self defeating state of mind.  There is a great opportunity for establishing fibrous trust in this configuration, offering passages to profound intimacy. But notice where you rely too heavily on others comprehension of a language understood only by yourself.


A recent shake up in the way you are perceived in the world for your talents has placed significance on how you show up for yourself and others. The Moon and Sun in Aquarius will meet in your seventh house of self reflection. Your planetary guide, the Sun, is in the second half of Aquarius where Pluto has recently reentered marking a time when you’ll be concerned with the relinquishing of indissoluble power structures in your relationship to friends, work and family. This month may also be a time when you matter of factly bring to light your more atypical wants and needs in companionship, love and your approach to the work you do. All the while this may ask of you to maintain a level of distance that embraces an unattached, less polished self and plenty of space to experiment with taboo identities.


The new Moon in Aquarius will occur in your sixth house of maintenance and things we care for whether or not anyone notices. Sage Mercury, your guiding planet and untamed Pluto are also transiting Aquarius in your sixth house where questions of how you allot your mental efforts towards ideas you would like to see come to fruition versus the time and energy you give away freely come to a head. You’re a mothering figure in the community, lovingly ushering the desires and dreams of others into being but soon a profusion of planets will pass through your sixth house and dare I say a feral minded approach may overcome your own desires to take care of your own business. Saying or or receiving a no feels messy and may come with lost opportunities that ultimately stood in your way.


Leisure, enjoyment and creative expression can feel oblique for Libras. You discover pleasure in unexpected places that do not read as conventionally joyful or interesting. There is almost a nervous glee in your approach to pleasure because it you feel it unconsciously in subterranean realms. You do not express it with ease, but it is intuitively familiar. As the Moon and Sun in Aquarius join in your fifth house of creativity and delight a seal is cracked in your permission seeking tendencies of a good time. Austere Saturn guides your fifth house and can act as a gatekeeper to owning your sense pleasure, as if it can be earned or circumstantial. But as sensual Venus, your guiding planet enters Aquarius on March 16th making powerful conjunctions with fierce Mars and Pluto your genie may be rubbed out of its bottle empowering a new era of creative risk and charismatic gambles.


As Mars, your planetary guide, emboldened in the final degrees of Capricorn in your third house you may be wrapping up some busy work in the wake of affliction with seventh house topics of relationships and contractual agreements. The new Moon in Aquarius occurs in your fourth house of origins, shelter and family while separating from an edgy configuration with agitator Uranus in Taurus in your seventh house of said topics. Revelations concerning loved ones, of blood or chosen, may come to light questioning the importance of a home and personal life that maintains a level of safe distance from the palpable effects of ancestral turmoil. While Saturn in Pisces, who guides matters of your fourth house, is still transiting your fifth house of creative pursuits, uphold a buoyant perspective on personal space that allows for the undisclosed tidal flows of anyone’s private life.


The Moon joins the Sun in Aquarius in your third house where the Moon is capable of finding comfort in complicated conversations. this month you’ll be a sleuth for conversations that go nowhere quickly, because you will be less affected by the chatterboxing of social discourse and intellectualized, manufactured problems. Pluto in Aquarius now present in your third house taps subtle messages from deep subterranean realms. Dead air, a socially awkward occurrence, may feel rich like white noise, enhancing concentration. The unsaid is more descriptive than the clearly stated. The Moon in Aquarius here is absorbing and recording information that illuminates habitual entanglements in your communications style which at this time lingers in between the lines. You are ripe for eloquence just whenever rhetoric becomes a poison.


For some time now as Saturn in Pisces has been transiting your third house of everyday routines there has been diaphanous edges to your experience of mundane life. You feel its potential is vast and imbued with readily available life giving possibilities. More than meets the eye. Yet there are loitering doubts that “this” is it? The new Moon in Aquarius will occur in your second house of sustenance and simple things, where Mercury who guides your sense of wisdom and divinity is present as well. You’re trading a focus on material certainty for a lifestyle of sublime resistance.  As the month progresses you’ll be drawing clear distinctions of where you source unadorned satisfaction in aversion to fuss and bother, crowning yourself a connoisseur of the radically primal and essential.


There are times you feel a citizen of nowhere. Anchored in invisibility, your loose grip on identity offers far out places of introspection where acute perspective stems from highly subjective experiences. As the Moon joins the Sun in Aquarius in your first house of self knowledge, the toil and hard work involved in relating to the world will surface. Mercury, who guides your curious sense of pleasure but also the petty rationing of the give and take of relationships, has recently met with probing Pluto also in your first house. You may be parsing out how the long standing residue of specific relationships, especially those of siblings and family, have colored your relationships with chosen family and lovers. Trust that when Mars and Venus will soon meet in your first house that you may turn poisons of the past into urgent loving self care.


The Moon joins the Sun in Aquarius in your twelfth house of untethered states of being while separating from a confessional engagement with Uranus in your third house of regimens and communicative abilities. You excel naturally at reconciling paradoxical schools of thought and rolling within daily practices awash in effective chaos. But as your planetary guide Saturn continues its sobering transit through your first house of the self and its response systems, you’re questioning where tempting illusions and mirages in your daily life have you banging your head against the wall. Soon Mars will join four other planets in your twelfth house accelerating an unconscious desire to address numbing lifestyle practices. This month may feel peculiar and detached but engaging restraint now and leaning into the withdrawal will have a redemptive effect on your welfare come spring.

Story and Imagery by Shane Powers, Enon Valley Astrology

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