The table, whether it’s in the kitchen, set beautifully in the dining room, or in the backyard for a summer soiree, is where we come to share life. TABLE acts as the platform, and the forum for exploring the most progressive, creative, curious, unexpected and culturally-rich topics every season.

Whether it be our vibrant food culture, a cutting-edge design scene, a growing neighborhood, or a flourishing educational climate, what we discuss around TABLE will always spark deeper conversation, consideration and exploration



Christina started TABLE magazine in 2006 to change the food conversation in Pittsburgh. With a strong background in marketing and communications, she saw an opportunity to elevate our food culture and to better position the region for community and economic development. Christina is dedicated to numerous business and nonprofit efforts, committed to progressing the health, vitality and sustainability of our region. CONTACT


Writer, merchant and trend and color forecaster Keith Recker boomeranged back to Pittsburgh after 30 years in New York, Rome, San Francisco and elsewhere. He’s often found behind the counter at Barberry Handmade, the all-artisan store he and his sister started recently on Sewickley’s main drag. CONTACT