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Pittsburgh’s sustainability community takes to social media for a month-long contest

“The fact that chefs build seasonal menus centered around available farm products gives them an opportunity to be creative and hands-on.” This is the seed of what Tara Rockacy at Churchview Farm is growing on her farm. Chef partners are the inspiration and driving force behind her farm-to-table events. “It brings a level of awareness regarding the source of their meal and the intention behind it, as well as the collaboration that exists between the chef and the farmer.”

The Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant Program will welcome to Churchview Farm four Pittsburgh chefs celebrated for their food as well as for their sustainable practices. On August 5, 2019 the four chefs will work together to combine their culinary creativity with Churchview Farm’s fresh, seasonal ingredients for a unique farm-to-table dinner for 50.


Chef Elsa Santos of Azorean Cafe will create the rustic cuisine of the Azores utilizing produce and flavors of the Alleghenies. She and fellow chefs Neil Blazin of Driftwood Oven, Bill Fuller of big Burrito Restaurant Group, and Jessica Lewis of Spirits & Tales will prepare a total of eight courses inspired by the late summer harvest of their surroundings.

“I’m always excited to work with seasonal ingredients. It will be great to collaborate with these chefs and bring our styles together on a farm where the ingredients were grown.” says Santos.

This one-of-a-kind experience is the grand prize of Graze Pittsburgh, the capstone to a month-long celebration of the food and people that make up Pittsburgh’s sustainable restaurant community. Throughout the month of July, diners will have a reason to enjoy designated sustainable restaurants in Pittsburgh and share their experiences through social media. Those posts enter diners for a chance to attend the August 5 dinner.

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The Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant Program is not only about supporting restaurants, it’s also about recognizing how restaurants support their communities. So in July, designated sustainable restaurants will be sharing examples of their commitments through their social media channels. Pittsburghers are encouraged to share when they volunteer at non-profit organizations. All of the posts shared by diners, volunteers, and restaurants will be woven together with the #GrazePGH hashtag to paint a living picture of the sustainability community.

Sustainable Pittsburgh wants people to explore, enjoy, and celebrate our region’s sustainable restaurants. And for one night in August, the contest winners and this group of talented chefs will get to share something special at Churchview farm.

To learn more about entering the contest, including official rules, visit and explore the over 150 designated Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurants at


Photography by Noelle Natalie

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