Don’t Sweat It


Quaff a cold one from local drink makers

Hop Farm Brewing Co.

Lawrenceville’s Hop Farm Brewing Company ( gets creative with its beers, barrel-infusing local and regional fruits into them. Michigan cherries bring a bright tang to their Cherry Bomb brew. Cranberries yield up a special tartness to Cranhattan. Both are picnic-perfect for grown ups.

Red Ribbon sodas

Vito Gerasole’s Red Ribbon sodas ( satisfy the thirst of the young-uns with crisp bubbles and truly delicious flavors. Cherry, Vanilla Cream Soda, and Cola are on the sweeter side. Bitter Lemon is a beautifully balanced mixer – and good on its own, too. Hot, Hot, Hot Ginger Beer, delicious with any grilled food, lives up to its name.

Kingfly Spirits

Kingfly limoncello ( is delicious after dinner, but it also makes a kick-butt lemonade. Mix equal parts limoncello, Rose’s Lime Juice, and fresh lemon juice. Dilute with water to taste. Chill overnight with a ton of fresh thyme. Find a hiding place because you will not want to share! >> More on Kingfly's limoncello on page 28.


Story and Styling by Keith Recker // Photography by Marcy Holquist