make + matter

Textile designers Kelly L. Simpson-Scupellie, Rona Chang, and Rebekah Joy show us around their Lawrenceville studio filled with local designers creating everything from ethically made clothing and accessories to 3d-printed ceramics


1820 Candles
$12.95 for travel size, $22 for 15oz. signature

From just across the border in Ohio, we love 1820's winning scent combinations and are drawn to their thoughtful package design.


STAK Ceramics (piece is sold out, other pieces $48)

Heather Connolly is one of the visiting designers for June, and she made these one-off planters exclusively for the store. Stak Ceramics is known for iPhone and iPad docks made by pouring slip cast, but this exclusive collection is made by wheel-throwing which makes each piece nonuniform and unique.


Symmetrical Statement necklace $65
Sara McClelland’s accessories are statement pieces but they aren’t flashy or over-the-top. Each accessory incorporates hand-wrapping cording (her grandma even helps to wrap!) in various textiles with vintage beading. Colorblock earrings, $43


Kelly Lane Design
Dress, $238

This collection is inspired by the very insightful children’s book, Pezzettino, by Leo Lionni. The print, designed by Kelly Simpson-Scupellie, represents fluctuations in identity and the moving parts to our whole.


Round Planter, 4” Aqua Farmhouse. $49

The designer of Coded Clay, Brian Peters, actually built the 3d printer used to make the ceramics and then printed them in clay which is very uncommon. They are all unique because he has to hand sand each one individually.


story by kelly Gualtieri // photogrpahy by Sarah Collins