From the Heart


The beauty of tradition is on full display at this breathtaking Hindu ceremony.

It’s nearly impossible to pick a most special memory from this incredible celebration.

Perhaps it was the groom arriving on horseback, an Indian tradition known as the barat. During the joyous wedding procession, guests were there to guide the groom’s way, dancing by his side. Everyone was bedecked in traditional dress — including the horse!

Certainly, the ceremony was unforgettable, held beneath a custom-made mandap in the outdoor garden at Phipps Conservatory. There, the couple circled a fire seven times as they said their vows. The bride stunned in red, an auspicious color signifying prosperity. Sweetly she wore her mother’s embroidered, embellished lengha.

Whatever your customs include — an altar, a huppah or a mandap — make it your own with a creation that suits your style. That goes for the entire wedding day, too. After all, the whole point of traditions is to create new ones.


Photography by RACHEL ROWLAND


Venue: Phipps Conservatory,
Hair: Wendy Vario
Makeup: Hannah Conard Beauty,
Planners & Florals: Pearl Celebrations,
Cake: Bella Christie’s,
Caterer: Taj Mahal,
The Horse: Carriage Limousine