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Spring 2017 // The Design Issue


The Bagel Bar

Brunch can be elaborate without costing you hours of planning and prepping. Black Radish Kitchen's bagel bar is the solution to a brunch spread so indulgent your guests will never know it took twenty minutes to set up.  READ MORE >>
Slice of Life: Wheeling West Virginia

Wheeling, West Virginia is used to defying expectations. Between the town's characteristic views, delicious food and wine, and historic theater, we've got your next weekend adventure covered.  READ MORE >>
A Timely Tart

Inspired by medieval eating, this perfectly seasonal onion and cheese tart suffused with aromatic lavender and honey flavors is one for the history books. READ MORE >>
Vine and Voice

Combining wine tastings and voice recitals, Magnvm Opvus Tasting Concerts' unique events thoughtfully merge two distinctive modes of creative expression. Professional singers spend years studying, learning, and listening in order to perfect their vocal technique, just as winemakers spend years studying growing climates, the chemistry of fermentation, and aging processes in order to refine and polish their finished vintages.  READ MORE >>
The Great Thaw

Now that the trees are budding, Barkeep Jason Renner of Bar Marco flipped the script on warmth with cocktails that bring the heat through ingredients and not degrees. Of course, we wouldn’t recommend anything we hadn’t taste-tested first (we’re not monsters), so we brought in a panel of experts from behind their respective bar tops for a warm-up happy hour. READ MORE >>
The Greeks Give Back

The Stamoolis family migrated from the Greek island Chios, and arrived in the United States in 1907, and with the help of friends and family, they founded their family-run business in the Strip District. Today, you’ll find an in-store donation drop-off location for Midnight Helpers, a nonprofit organization that was founded by locally to aid in the migrant crisis on Chios. READ MORE >>
First Foods with Teigan

It’s Saturday morning. Butternut squash and cauliflower are roasting in the oven, black beans are simmering, quinoa is cooking, and ripe bananas and avocados are waiting to be peeled. No I’m not getting ready to have guests for dinner; I’m making baby food.  READ MORE >>
Big Red

If winter wines are warm blankets, spring wines are the charming gingham picnic spread reserved for golden, breezy afternoons. The perfect spring wine is ethereal, aromatic, floral, fruity, flavorful, and deep in the most delicate and subtle of ways. READ MORE >>