Why you should book a long weekend in Westfield, NY

The first time we visited The Westfield Wonder, we thought we’d never leave. The first-ever combination brewery, winery, and distillery in Westfield, NY is just over two hours from Pittsburgh and features some of the best food and drinks we’ve ever had from a singular location. And this time of year — we can’t get enough of the picturesque patio and instagram-worthy fire pit.


Pint Nights at Five & 20

photos courtesy @fiveand20 and @bird_at_five_and_20


Pint Nights

Trust us: knock off a little early from work on Thursday and get to “Pint Nights.” Every Thursday, we crash the courtyard patio at Five & 20 Spirits and Brewing, where beers are half price, and there are eight delicious varieties on tap from which to choose. (Lim Wit, Uncommon Passion, Grape Lakes, and Rhiskey Business will be on tap for most of the summer off and on but won’t be on tap every day as they do a slight rotation.)

Also? We’re really in it for the share plates. Bird is the on-site restaurant, and Chefs Dan Kern and Michael Karle man the grill and put out lots of tasty Kushiyaki (Japanese charcoal-grilled meats and veggies). The combo of Five & 20 Pale Ale and skewered scallops is killer. The menu changes all the time, but we stole this one for you to check out:


Bird Menu Five and 20




Sunday Sesh

This is the chill afternoon live-music experience on the patio or lawn at Westfield. We usually bring a blanket or a camp chair and relax with a cocktail. Earlier this year, Five & 20 held a little competition with the local Cloud 9 bar. The delicious amber-colored “Persymphony” cocktail win, and we order it all the time on these lazy Sunday days. Plus, we’ve collected a great new roster of local musicians to fan-girl out about: Check out Zack Orr, Meredith Rounsley, and The Bigness.


Rob Roy Cocktail

*Pint Nights, Bird, Sunday Sesh and outdoor yoga are all seasonal at Westfield Wonder. The restaurant is only open on a few select days during the week, so call ahead!