The Great Pittsburgh Juice Tour

Isn’t it weird how when it gets really hot out, we not only skip the cooking — but the chewing?
Bring on the juice. I eagerly searched out five of the best places juiceries in Pittsburgh, and compiled a handy, (healthy), hot-day list. I asked for recommendations: what their buyers like, what they recommend from personal taste. I also wanted to try a green juice at each, since they are a definite staple (and because I like green).
I did the work (read: drinking), so you can reap the juicy benefits:
Pittsburgh Juice Company
Visiting the Pittsburgh Juice Company first was a no-brainer. You’ve probably seen their gorgeous glass bottles all over Instagram.
What I tried: Witch’s Brew ($9.50), Berry Watermelon ($9), Almond Milk ($8.50)
What I loved: All of it. My favorite was definitely the Berry Watermelon, bright pink and the perfect pairing for a hot summer day. It’s incredibly light and refreshing – with the brightness of watermelon and the base note of raspberries. The Witch’s Brew is an interesting juice to try, as it was developed for the cast and crew of The Last Witch Hunter, filmed in Pittsburgh in 2014. For a heavy green juice, it wasn’t overpowering at all (cucumber, apple, kale, spinach, lemon, celery and ginger). I especially loved the celery aftertaste and the ginger burn. 3418 Penn Ave, Lawrenceville. 
Salud has been a must-try for me for a long time. With two locations, in Sewickley and Shadyside, it’s very accessible. They have a very broad menu, with a lot of options, ranging from nutrient shots to smoothies, juices and açaí bowls.
What I tried: The Beet Goes On ($5.45), Smiling Irish ($5.45), Jane Good’All ($4.95), Scarlet O’Hara ($5.45), and a wheatgrass shot
What I loved: My personal favorites were two of Salud’s best-selling juices — the Jane Good’All (orange, strawberry, peach, banana and coconut water) and the Smilin’ Irish (spinach, kale, apple, lemon and cucumber). When you combine these, you get the Scarlet O’Hara. I got one of those to-go. 733 Copeland Street, Shadyside. 
Living Juicy
Living Juicy is a hidden gem on Ellsworth in Shadyside. It is family-owned and operated, and they are all very passionate about their product.
What I tried: Love and Beets ($4.99), Lemon Green Aid ($4.99), Liquid Gold ($4.99)
What I loved: The Green-Aid is phenomenal. It’s a lighter green juice mixed with some lemon, making it perfect for someone who is really wanting to inch their way into the world of juices. And it’s more lemonade-y. 5892 Ellsworth Ave., East Liberty.
Green Light Juice 
You might know what’s in your juice, but do you know how much of each ingredient actually goes into each bottle? GreenLight shows a breakdown per bottle. Each juice is strictly organic, and the folks there believe in supporting local farmers to source the produce.
What I tried: Greens I & II ($6), Beet Boost ($6), Chocolate Almond Milk ($6)
What I loved: I highly recommend the Chocolate Almond Milk. The owner recommended it as a little change from the typical juices (almond, date, coconut, vanilla, cocoa, filtered water). It was my favorite childhood treat, but with a healthy adult spin. The Beet Boost is both savory and sweet, and has a little punch in the aftertaste. 2108 Murray Ave., Squirrel Hill.
Amazing Café
Isn’t it amazing how, after a hard workout, all you can think about is what you’ll eat? Amazing Yoga in the South Side decided to take advantage of that by attaching a café to their studio. Their menu features organic, locally grown food (and drinks) that aspire to taste as great as your morning yoga made you feel.
What I tried: Clean Green ($5.50), Vitality ($5.50), Beauty ($5.50)
What I loved: I’ll be honest, this is a three-way tie. Amazing Café does a great job of creating juices that taste healthy, but without making you feel like you’re drinking vegetables. Clean Green (apple, cucumber, celery, kale, lime, ginger) is a lighter green juice, but the ginger is kicky. Vitality (apple, carrot, orange, ginger) is probably the sweetest of the bunch, and very smooth. Beauty (apple, orange, celery, lemon, spirulina) was hearty, refreshing, and flavor-packed. The was my first interaction with spiraling. The complete protein with essential amino acids had a Popeye effect. 1506 E Carson St., SouthSide.