Sole Food

From classic wingtips to booties with baubles — embellished footwear is fall’s main ingredient to soulful style.
Taking its cue from southern food’s most popular and favorite dishes of chicken-and-waffles and black-eyed peas to collard greens and sweet potato pie, soul food is the heirloom menu of a rich history of fare with flare. Migrating from the south, the flavors are a perfect mix of spice, leafy greens, potatoes and smothered chicken (typically accompanied by toasted golden waffles).
Plated as an everyday meal, a Sunday brunch, or a large family feast, soul food is a time-honored tradition. It conjures an essence of feeling and style from farm-to-fork and head-to-toe, inspiring a touch of taste reaching beyond the table — to what is seen from underneath it. Art mimics life. Fashion mimics food.
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Honey Child
Honey-glazed chicken-and-waffles have a buzzy tang, a nod to the jewel-encrusted honeybees staking their claim on the Cayley 2 Black Velvet Bootie ($250) by Kenneth Cole from Footloose.
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Pile On the Potatoes
Whole—and from scratch—irresistible sweet potato pie is made on the wings of love. These wingtips in a sweet potato-pink-and-creamy-white color block are a slice of heaven. This classic style, called Talking Picture Oxford Flat ($49.99), is from ModCloth.
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Black Magic
As comfort food for the soul goes, black-eyed peas vanish right in front of your eyes. Don’t let your footwear game disappear, too. Behold the Bow’n Place Leather Mary Janes ($129.99) with grey scalloped vamps, black patent leather toe and heel, black satin ribbon closure and black wood heel from ModCloth.
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Kickin’ Haute Greens
Have your kale and eat it, too, with the most essential part of a soul food feast—the collard greens. Add in one of fall’s essential must-haves—this fine mesh calf boot ($80) by Liliana, with a red floral and leafy green applique stitched along the side for a little extra heat. From Ten Toes.