Fish and Chips

When we ordered the “Leap of Faith” menu at Nemacolin’s decadent Lautrec Restaurant, they brought us a long quilled ink pen and an envelope, pressed with a wax seal. Inside, we found a list of seasonal ingredients and an invitation to choose seven, after which Chef Kristin Butterworth would design a seven-course tasting menu.
Adventurous diners are invited to circle the question mark, a true dealer’s choice for the kitchen. You know which one we chose. Course after opulent course, we were wowed: smoked street corn over homemade pasta, the most tender roast chicken we ever tasted, a rib-eye that we could cut with a fork. We toasted our wine pairings and tried to remember a better meal. Later, in our room in Chateau Lafayette, we squinted into the dimly lit chandelier and mused over our favorite courses. The winner was unanimous — “…the chips and dip!”