A Six Pack of Winter Beers

winter beers
Festivus – Full Pint Brewing Company
This malt pilsner has all the flavors to evoke the holidays, without weighing you down. Hints of cinnamon, vanilla, and mace come through with every sip. Drink this with a hearty winter dinner, or by itself in front of the fire. fullpintbrewing.com
Snow Melt Winter Warmer – East End Brewing Company
This is a true crowd-pleaser. Pine accents in this malty mahogany ale give a very subtle nod to the season. As with most winter warmers, Snow Melt has a higher alcohol content at 7.0, a quality masked by its smooth drinkability. eastendbrewing.com
Mashmellow – Hitchhiker Brewing Company
This stout is brewed with Count Chocula cereal. That’s right, the cereal your mom wouldn’t buy for you as a kid is now in your beer. There are definite marshmallow notes, and surprisingly, it’s not overly sweet. hitchhiker.beer
Nut Roll Ale – Penn Brewery
This is your holiday dessert in a beer stein. A semi-sweet ale rolls in hints of vanilla and cinnamon for a pronounced Christmas spice, yet not heavy or weighed down. pennbrew.com
Burning Phoenix Pale Ale – Eleventh Hour Brewery
This pale ale will leave fire in your belly for quite some time. Subtle, it is not. Brewed with 120 pounds of fresh jalapeños, this beer warms your taste buds, in the best way possible. 11thhourbrews.com
Pennsylvania Tuxedo – Dogfish Head Brewery
Our final pick is from out of state, but with ingredients so integral to Pennsylvania, it earned its exception. This pale ale smells — and tastes — like your Christmas tree, thanks to being brewed with spruce tips fresh off of trees from central Pennsylvania. dogfish.com