A barbecue to buzz about (every recipe has wine in it)

Yes, there is something better to kick off the summer than enjoying a chilled glass of wine. Instead, consider a non-traditional cookout filled with wine-infused dishes that everyone, especially the wine enthusiasts, will love.
Instead of a plain burger with a slab of cheese, bite into a burger drizzled in a savory Cabernet BBQ sauce, and finish the night off with a refreshing Pennsylvania Wine popsicles.
As the summer begins to heat up, pop open a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon to add a little zest to a traditional burger or some ribs with Cabernet BBQ sauce. When you whisk together the few simple ingredients, your taste buds will already be watering from the scent of the dry wine.
Mix the crisp taste of Chardonnay into your main course with Farm-to-Table Chardonnay Potato Salad. Crunch down on some juicy celery in the chardonnay-based salad, and allow the delectable dish with an array of color to take you away from the heat of the night. Use this recipe to transform the typical dish into something every adult is dying to have on his or her plate.
Make it feel like your backyard barbecue is just a step away from the ocean as Pinto Grigio Fish Tacos with Salsa Verde are added to the table. The tropical Mahi-Mahi will add saltiness to your menu, and the crispy, flaky crust will take your taste buds on a Caribbean getaway.
Finally, let the Pennsylvania Wine Popsicles melt your worries away for the night as you end the course with a sweet treat. The popsicles will bring you back to those hot summer days as a child, but will give you a little extra buzz. Combine together Pennsylvania Pear Wine, Pennsylvania Cherry Wine, blackberries and an orange to beat the heat of summer.
Although a simple glass of wine can be refreshing and relaxing, making it a main course and sharing some delicious dish with some friends might be the perfect way to kick off summer. So heat up the grill and cool down with some different wines as the summer officially begins.